Phyllis Velardi, Master Hypnotist

Phyllis Velardi, Master Hypnotist
378 Bloomfield Ave.
Caldwell, New Jersey, NJ 07006

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Phyllis Velardi, Master Hypnotist
Phyllis Velardi, Master Hypnotist
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Phyllis  started her career at a very early age upon winning a scholarship  in scientific skin care.  She went onto becoming one of the worlds most prestigious  beauty experts. She was at the core of body mind and spirit ,wholestic health and wellness as we know it now. 

For many years she has traveled around the world bringing a  new look to beauty introducing aesthetic techniques widely used today. 

She has established one of the first beauty, health and wellness centers known as a spa,where one could  enjoy many services under one roof.  This took many  years of experience, education and practice which  Phyllis has accomplished.  She became known as the Beauty Doctor which is her trademark. 
Phyllis opened The Beauty Doctor Institute to share her knowledge with other professionals that wanted to learn from both her experience and methods. 
Always having a great vision of what the future would bring she wrote one of the first skin care manuals along with one of the first books predicting the future of the beauty industry.  Her book Career Opportunities in the Field of Cosmetology spelled  it all out.  Phyllis also wrote a weekly beauty column, Ask The Beauty Doctor. 
Many people were fascinated by her establishment and how they could 
come there and enjoy a variety of services while looking and feeling their best upon leaving. 
Phyllis has developed her very own technique to make clients feel calm and relaxed. This is no surprise since her grandfather being both a dentist and performer of hypnotic arts encouraged her at a very early age. 
Today, Phyllis is a consulting hypnotist.  She helps many people to improve their lives through the use of hypnotic arts.  
Phyllis has many certifications and is a certified master instructor ,adjunct educator for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She is also a performing stage show hypnotist. 
Phyllis is now becoming known as The Beauty Hypnotist, and will share much of her experience with listeners on her talk show,the Beauty Doctor along with the Beauty Hypnotist.
Through her many years of experience both in the field of beauty and human potential, Phyllis believes that one can improve ones looks through the dynamics of ones mind.  She specializes in anti-aging beauty and will be discussing this on her show. 
Phyllis has a very diversified background and holds many credentials,
in beauty, health and wellness,cosmetic chemistry, as well as business management, bau-biology, environmental health and more...She has experience with mentoring ,training, educating , lecturing, employment , politics,leadership, organizing ,developing and implementing programs,
She also does show hosting and moderating...
She is an international award winning poet, award winning beauty expert, hypnotist and community leader, play creator and inventor... Hypnosis Certifications:  Advanced Clinical Hypnosis...Master Hypnotist...Hypno-counselor
Master Instructor...Weight Control...Smoking...Stress Reduction...Forensic Hypnosis...
Neurolinguistics...Hypnoaddictionology...Energy and Thought...Rapid Inductions...Sleep Disturbances...Stage Show...Anti-aging...Fibromyalgia...Parts Therapy...

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