detrimental effects of smoking

Mental Effects of Smoking – What are the Mental Emotional Effects of Tobacco?

  Even though the majority of people understand that there are consequences to smoking cigarettes, over twenty five percent of the population still continue to smoke. Research continues to uncover the underlying themes of reasons why people smoke and the mental effects of smoking. Questions abound like the subjective effects as well as behavioral issues […]

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effects of second hand smoke and pregnancy

Negative Effects of Second Hand Cigarette Smoke

  There is a growing amount of scientific evidence, which covers everything from research on the molecular level to covering whole communities around the world, which refutes that secondhand smoke contributes to disease. Tobacco is the cause for over 90% of deaths associated with lung cancer. However, it is important to note that the Centers […]

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physiological effects cigarette smoking

What Are The Physiological Effects Of Smoking On The Human Body?

  In recent years, the tobacco industry has been reacting to public tension to market much less repugnant products by establishing unique and less harmful cigarette smoking systems. The brief- and long-lasting impacts of these systems should be examined to establish the dangers integral in their use. This is in response to the ongoing research […]

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negative effects of smoking

A Look At Smoking Effects On The Lungs | A Hypnotherapy Perspective

Lung cancer cells are one of the most typical types of cancer cells due to smoking. Greater than 80 % of instances of large cell lung cancer prognoses are because of smoking.   Cigarette smoke includes lots of chemicals that disrupt the physical body’s technique of filtering system air as well as clearing out the […]

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hypnotism to quit smoking

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Combat Coronary Heart Disease Associated With Smoking

  There are over five million people worldwide that pass away from smoking or nicotine exposure annually, representing six percent of all deaths amongst females and twelve percent of all fatalities amongst men. These numbers are projected to increase to a yearly 8 million smoking-related deaths in 2030 if the trends stay the same. Fortunately […]

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smoking cigarettes while pregnant

Understanding The Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy | Stop Smoking Hypnosis

  Cigarette smoking in pregnancy continues to be an avoidable element linked with complications in maternity, reduced birth weight, preterm birth and also having major long-lasting health effects for babies and their mothers. Instances of smoking during pregnancy is curtailing in high-income nations and increasing in low- to middle-income countries and is highly related to […]

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long term effects cigarettes

What Are The Negative Long Term Effects Related To Smoking?

  Smoking cigarettes is the largest preventable source for disease morbidity as well as death, and tobacco policies play an essential role in lowering the economic cost of tobacco to society. Although prevention is an important goal of tobacco control, so is cessation. Cessation without help is challenging as a result of the highly habit-forming […]

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fear of flying treatment

Hypnotherapy For Aviophobia – Fear Of Flying Demystified

Individuals with a fear of flying or aviophobia are associated with excessive or unreasonable fear at the mere thought of having to fly. As more and more people have to travel by plane for business or to visit family, this fear is more common than previously thought.   Worry and fear are quite regular for […]

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hypertension symptoms treatment

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Alleviate Hypertension

High blood pressure continues to be a growing issue in which the force of the blood going against artery walls is too high in which it may ultimately create cardiovascular disease. Thankfully, hypertension can be treated if it is diagnosed early enough. Once it has been determined that a person has high blood pressure, it […]

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hypnotherapy and drug abuse

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Combat Narcotic and Alcohol Abuse

  Using clinical hypnotherapy as a therapy to treat an overreliance on drugs and alcoholism is growing in trustworthiness within the traditional psychological and medical community. When accomplished under the careful eye of a highly qualified practitioner, this treatment can help those who have already come through the initial stages of recovery with regards to […]

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