Hypnosis Case Studies Highlighting Sleep Deprivation

The Cognitive Limits of Sleep Deprivation Considered   Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep, which in certain circumstances, can be either persistent or severe. A chronic sleep-restricted state could create exhaustion, drowsiness during the daytime, clumsiness as well as an increase of the likelihood of gaining weight.   It detrimentally affects […]

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Ulcerative Colitis Treatments Using Clinical Hypnosis Case Studies

Healing Ulcers and Colitis Naturally   In recent years, researchers are open to considering alternatives like clinical hypnotherapy to study how gastric acid production is produced. Traditionally, gastroenterologists were able to link whether or not psychological stress affected gastric acid secretion.   This traditional line of thinking was due to the fact that scientists believed […]

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Case Studies Using Hypnotism To Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dealing With Extreme Fatigue   Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as CFS, is branded by chronic and disabling mental and physical fatigue that are medically unexplained. There is a growing proof of anomalies, but the contribution of psychological factors in its origin and chronicity should also be acknowledged.   The sufferer ascribes the myalgia and […]

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Considering Hypnotherapy To Combat Hemophilia

  Hemophilia Treatment – Bleeding Disorder     The bleeder’s disease, also known as Hemophilia, is regarded as bleeding occurrences which have been connected anecdotally with psychological stress. The impact of emotional stress on the beginning and control of bleeding episodes is a fact that is well known.   One common cause of extreme states […]

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Aquaphobia – How to Overcome Fear of Water

  A person that has an ongoing fear of water, better known as aquaphobia, experiences a level of anxiety that is beyond their control. These fears can also a negatively impact a person’s well-being as they seek avoidance mechanisms to avoid any contact with water. This can happen with avoiding swimming in the ocean or […]

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Using Clinical Hypnosis To Overcome Fear Of Driving

    The fear of driving, also known as driving phobia or driving anxiety, is a hyperbolic fear of driving or being in the seat of a passenger. This condition is more associated with women than men, and it starts majorly in the teen years.   Most times, driving phobia is triggered by a road […]

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If You Want To Overcome Fear of Choking And Have All But Given Up… Here’s Hope!

  Proven Techniques Help You Overcome Phagophobia   Mentally engaging in the fear of choking, better known as Phagophobia, is an instance of the sort of hypochondria-related problem that can significantly disturb the way one lives their life. People that are overcome by the persistent issue that if they consume solid foods they will choke […]

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ocd contamination treatment

Hypnotherapy Case Studies Dealing With The Fear of Contamination

  Fear of Contamination OCD   Mysophobia is a pathological anxiety dealing with the fear of contamination as well as germs. The term was coined by Dr. William Alexander Hammond in 1879 when describing a situation of obsessive-compulsive disorder displayed in repetitively washing one’s hands.   While it is typical to attempt to avoid some […]

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hypnotherapy to stop fear of death

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Overcome Fear of Death

  Hypnosis to Stop Fear of Death?   The fear of death is a universal fear experienced by many people, although cultural and societal preferences can strongly support levels in which they deal with this subject. People have their own perspectives on death influenced by individual, social and also philosophical idea systems that shape an […]

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Compulsive Hoarding – Making A Concerted Effort Towards Therapy

  Hoarding: What Causes Hoarding?   Compulsive hoarding starts with collecting one, then another and then yet another item in our daily lives that keeps building up into a pile. Doing away with them, causes any amount of stress in a person who perceives giving away things as a threat.     Although it is […]

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