self hypnosis epilepsy

Can Clinical Hypnotherapy Be Used To Treat Epilepsy?

    Epilepsy is a neurological disorder noted by sudden and persistent episodes of sensory disruption, loss of awareness which is also associated with irregular electric activity in the mind.   Over 3 million Americans have been severely impacted by epilepsy which has been noted by The Epilepsy Foundation.   An additional 200,000 instances occur throughout […]

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relief from tinnitus

Getting Relief From Tinnitus By Using Clinical Hypnotherapy

  Using clinical hypnosis to manage tinnitus has been an alternative therapy technique that has been used for over thirty years. Tinnitus can happen at any age where there is a correlation between the ringing and buzzing in one ear or both. There are varying levels of this condition where some people experience symptoms of […]

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hypnosis wart treatment

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Treat Warts

  While anyone can get warts, a few dermatological variables are understood. A wart may appear on the body when the top layer of a person’s skin has been infected. This infection is usually caused by a virus in the human papillomavirus family, better known as HPV. Children between the ages of nine and sixteen […]

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can hypnosis cure alcoholism

Incorporating Clinical Hypnosis Treatments For Alcohol Abuse

  Can clinical hypnotherapy be used to treat a person that is dealing with an addiction to alcohol? The credibility of incorporating hypnosis and other alternative methods to complement conventional treatment continues to grow in recent years. While results are far greater for those that have already begun the initial stages of rehabilitation with qualified […]

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hypnosis for sports success

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Enhance Sports Performance

    Using clinical hypnotherapy to enhance sports performance refers to the inner image that the athlete has of himself. This inner point of view entails seeing yourself from inside your body looking out, where it feels like the athlete is actually performing the desired sport in real time. Since the world of sports from […]

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hypnosis menopause

Is Clinical Hypnotherapy The Alternative Treatment Of Choice For Hot Flashes?

  Breast cancer survivors that usually have to go through chemotherapy treatments experience the unavoidable and often irritating side effects associated with having hot flashes. The traditional medical environment typically offers interventions that are aligned with medical pharmaceuticals, however there are often riddled with side effects and have very limited relief to begin with. Case […]

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natural treatment for Parkinson's disease

Clinical Hypnotherapy Case Studies Used To Alleviate Parkinson’s Disease

  Parkinson’s disease is a dynamic problem of the nervous system that affects motion. It evolves progressively, often beginning with a barely visible trembling in one hand which can ultimately spread throughout the body. While a trembling could be the most widely known sign of Parkinson’s condition, the condition additionally creates tightness or slowing down […]

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how to help stroke victims recover

Using Clinical Hypnosis To Help Stroke Victims

  The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute define a stroke as when oxygen-rich blood that traditionally flows to the brain has been blocked. Almost immediately, brain cells begin to die when this happens. If there are significant brain cells that are damaged during this moment, a stroke is the end result. The body signals […]

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hypnosis for cancer patients

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy For Cancer Care

Many professionals and individuals are constantly seeking ongoing relief for those that are dealing with cancer. Recent studies have revealed that hypnosis for cancer care does have a valid and explicit role in providing an alternative and complementary therapy to the existing medical environment. Existing resources and research will continue to expand horizons and provide […]

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evaluating the severity of dermatologic disorders

Hypnotherapy In Dermatology – Can Hypnosis Be Used To Combat Dermatologic Disorders?

  Never has there been a time in which so many people young and old are constantly accessed with the way their skin looks. While it is important to have healthy skin, the two billion-dollar industry used to treat and prevent their ecology issues continues to boom with varying results. Can perfect skin ever be […]

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