alien abduction symptoms

Can Hypnosis Be Used to Address False Memories of Alien Abduction?

Alien Abductions In Popular Culture   Many people remember the popular 90s show The X-Files which covered the popular, yet sometimes scary subject of alien abduction. Droves of friends and family have enjoyed the science-fiction genre of movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Dark Skies for decades. The question is always asked […]

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multiple sclerosis symptoms

Using Hypnotherapy To Treat Multiple Sclerosis

  Multiple sclerosis can be quite debilitating because it affects the central nervous system in a very unpredictable way.   This disruption negatively communicates between the spinal cord and the brain. While scientists are still looking for the primary cause of multiple sclerosis, they do believe that there could be environmental factors at play and […]

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Using Hypnosis To Help With Marriage Counseling Issues

  There are times when relationships seem like they don’t want to run their true course. At times like this, in order to save their marriage, both partners can go for marriage counseling. Most times, asking for relationship advice might seem like a difficult task, but if both partners are willing to make their relationships […]

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Hypnosis Case Studies Highlighting Sleep Deprivation

The Cognitive Limits of Sleep Deprivation Considered   Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep, which in certain circumstances, can be either persistent or severe. A chronic sleep-restricted state could create exhaustion, drowsiness during the daytime, clumsiness as well as an increase of the likelihood of gaining weight.   It detrimentally affects […]

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Ulcerative Colitis Treatments Using Clinical Hypnosis Case Studies

Healing Ulcers and Colitis Naturally   In recent years, researchers are open to considering alternatives like clinical hypnotherapy to study how gastric acid production is produced. Traditionally, gastroenterologists were able to link whether or not psychological stress affected gastric acid secretion.   This traditional line of thinking was due to the fact that scientists believed […]

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Exploring Hypnotherapy In Conjunction With Radiotherapy

  Radiotherapy (Radiation Therapy) For Cancer   Radiotherapy is using rays that are high energy; generally, this means x-rays and comparable rays to deal with illness. This has the ability to work by damaging cancer cells in the specific location that’s dealt with.   Not negating the fact that typical cells can be harmed by […]

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Case Studies Using Hypnotism To Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dealing With Extreme Fatigue   Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as CFS, is branded by chronic and disabling mental and physical fatigue that are medically unexplained. There is a growing proof of anomalies, but the contribution of psychological factors in its origin and chronicity should also be acknowledged.   The sufferer ascribes the myalgia and […]

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Considering Hypnotherapy To Combat Hemophilia

  Hemophilia Treatment – Bleeding Disorder     The bleeder’s disease, also known as Hemophilia, is regarded as bleeding occurrences which have been connected anecdotally with psychological stress. The impact of emotional stress on the beginning and control of bleeding episodes is a fact that is well known.   One common cause of extreme states […]

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Aquaphobia – How to Overcome Fear of Water

  A person that has an ongoing fear of water, better known as aquaphobia, experiences a level of anxiety that is beyond their control. These fears can also a negatively impact a person’s well-being as they seek avoidance mechanisms to avoid any contact with water. This can happen with avoiding swimming in the ocean or […]

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Using Clinical Hypnosis To Overcome Fear Of Driving

    The fear of driving, also known as driving phobia or driving anxiety, is a hyperbolic fear of driving or being in the seat of a passenger. This condition is more associated with women than men, and it starts majorly in the teen years.   Most times, driving phobia is triggered by a road […]

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