terrified of being judged

Overcoming Fear of People’s Judgement?

  Effective Tips on How to Prevent and Overcome Social Anxiety Having a fear of people and their personal judgments against oneself is the worry of social scenarios in which the communication with other individuals could immediately bring on feelings of intense self-scrutiny where people feel that others are watching their every move. It is […]

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fear of falling in elderly persons

Using Hypnotherapy to Address the Fear of Falling With a Growing Elderly Population

How the Fear of Falling Has Taken Over Your Life     Fear of falling describes a range of psychosocial troubles, including fear, stress and anxiety, confidence that no longer exists, and a psychologically damaged understanding of capability to walk safely without hitting the ground. The debilitating mindset typically found with elderly men and women […]

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test anxiety treatment

Is Test Anxiety All In The Mind?

  Stress and anxiety are assumed to negatively affect a students’ performance when taking tests. Research studies have actually revealed that students with insignificant amounts of test anxiety achieve greater scores on evaluations than those with high anxiety levels. This has been proven both with children taking test all the way to their adult counterparts. […]

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borderline personality disorder fear of abandonment

Case Studies Addressing Fear of Abandonment

  Fear of Abandonment and Recipe for Relationship Disaster   Many people do not consider this to be an actual phobia, however the fear of abandonment is one of the most damaging phobias that should be given serious consideration. Have you or someone that you know recently ended a long-term relationship either at work or […]

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gamophobia symptoms

Gamophobia Treatment Case Studies

Gamophobia “Gamo” is a Greek word which means marriage and phobos means fear. So, gamophobia means fear of marriage, commitment and being in a relationship also comes in gamophobia. Many phobias are just formed due to social interactions. They are personality and anxiety disorders. In this phobia a person can like or love the other […]

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hypnotherapy for motion sickness

Hypnotherapy Case Studies Addressing Motion Sickness

  When the average person thinks about motion sickness, images of riding on a roller coaster or other thrill-seeking ride comes to mind. However, individuals from all walks of life experience this type of travel sickness whenever partaking in any mode of transportation fast or slow. Is this all in the mind and can it […]

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fear of hypoglycemia in children

Hypnosis Case Studies Addressing the Fear of Hypoglycemia

  In healthy people, blood sugar concentrations are preserved within quite a slim range, despite significant fluctuations in sugar access into the body and glucose utilization in the tissue metabolic process. Insufficient insulin secretion results in high blood glucose focus. The therapy of diabetic issues focuses on evasion of hyperglycemia in order to prevent its […]

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how to stop nail biting in adults

Hypnosis Case Studies On Nail Biting

  Nail biting has been regarded as a common habit that tends to begin in the childhood years. For some this is just a childhood phase, but for many it can continue into adult life. Most nail biters are extremely embarrassed or ashamed of this habit. This particular habit usually becomes worse through anxiety or […]

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acrophobia fear of heights

Using Clinical Hypnosis To Address Anxiety Associated With Acrophobia

Fear of Heights Cure?       Has there ever been a time when either you or your friend just refused to go on any trip or experienced any nail biting event that is associated with the fear of heights? You are not alone. Experiencing acrophobia, also known as a fear of heights, can affect […]

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how to overcome fear of needles

Clinical Hypnosis Studies Addressing Aichmophobia

    Whether it’s donating blood, receiving a vaccine or receiving complete anesthetic, the process is difficult for almost anybody. And some unfortunate people are particularly affected by the unpleasant process of getting injections, some even going so far as to avoid donating blood or getting scheduled immunizations. Sometimes, it blossoms into a full blown […]

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