hypnosis to quit smoking success rate

Stop Smoking Hypnosis – You Have Everything You Need to Succeed

  Stop Smoking Whats the Best Way?   Some people find it strange that even with all of the information that we have in 2017, many people still choose to smoke, even though they consciously know and understand the negative ramifications. Smoking is done by both the young and old alike. On the surface, it […]

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cystic fibrosis life expectancy

Complementary Treatments For Cystic Fibrosis

What Is Cystic Fibrosis?   Cystic fibrosis deals with the inability to move water and salt across various organs throughout the body. As a result, people with cystic fibrosis also have symptoms related to lung disease and premature death. While this disease affects people across all cultural backgrounds, it specifically affects over one-thousand people of […]

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dyspnea on exertion

Can Clinical Hypnotherapy Be Used To Treat Dyspnea?

Dyspnea Causes   Dyspnea is when a person can experience a shortness of breath and where they may also feel like they cannot breathe regularly. The American Thoracic Society gives its definition as to when there are varying sensations of discomfort that can increase with overexertion. However, there are many people who experienced the same […]

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hypnosis trauma

Hypnosis For Trauma – Making The Case To Uncover Repressed Memories

Hypnotherapy for Trauma   There have been recorded songs throughout time that highlight pain and trauma in a person’s life. One can also search the online forums where people may commiserate together over their collective traumas. What exactly is trauma and how can a person get over it? This article will identify signs and symptoms […]

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alcohol relapse

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Deal With Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention   Many people feel that dealing with alcohol or drug abuse can be a simple as quitting cold turkey whenever presented with the tempting opportunity to engage in destructive behavior.  If the solution was that simple, the topic of relapse prevention would not exist. However, there are many alternative methods that […]

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hypochondriasis disorder

Can Hypnosis Be Used To Treat Conversion Disorders?

Conversion Disorder Deficiency   Conversion disorder is when there is a deficiency that adversely influences the motor and sensory results in the body. In a lot of cases, this is described by indicating neurological problems; nonetheless, the current study determines that there is association with stress factors which could be emotional.   Signs that are determined […]

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how long does contact dermatitis last

Treating Dermatitis With Clinical Hypnosis

Top Approaches To Get Rid Of Dermatitis   Dermatitis, which is more commonly known as eczema, is a collection of disorders that often result in the skin being inflamed. These types of disorders can be characterized when there is an ongoing itching of the skin, layers of irritation along with a rash. There are instances […]

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hypnosis for the treatment of burn pain

Can Hypnosis Be Effectively Be Used To Treat Burn Victims?

  In 2016, the American Burn Association reported that over four hundred and eighty thousand incidents occurred and which people experienced burn injuries in which they had to receive some type of medical examination. While many are minor, patients that have major burns on their body may need some type of psychological therapy from the […]

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past life regression near me

Hypnosis: How Past Life Regressions Can Explain The Unexplainable

Past Life:  Have You Lived Before?   It appears that the topic of past lives or reincarnation is gaining momentum. What was once seen as a far-left ideology, this topic is becoming more and more common amongst everyday folks. What does reincarnation or past lives entail? How can anyone access this information if possible? This […]

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alien abduction symptoms

Can Hypnosis Be Used to Address False Memories of Alien Abduction?

Alien Abductions In Popular Culture   Many people remember the popular 90s show The X-Files which covered the popular, yet sometimes scary subject of alien abduction. Droves of friends and family have enjoyed the science-fiction genre of movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Dark Skies for decades. The question is always asked […]

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