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Mark Barrus is the Director of Healthy Life Centers

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Why You Should Quit Smoking – Ways To Quit Smoking Cigarettes 

  Did you know that there are over 30 million grown adults that continue to smoke cigarettes in the United States? Over 16 million adults are currently dealing with a disease that is related to smoking on a daily basis.

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Using Clinical Hypnotherapy Strategies To Overcome Guilt And Remorse

  One of the major issues that people deal with today with regards to obsessive-compulsive disorders revolves around feelings of guilt. These issues can be associated when an individual feels and emotion, whether real or unreal, where they feel that

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Why the New Field of Epigenetics Is Changing the Way We Look at Smoking

Epigenetic Reprogramming and the Smoking Burden In this day and age, it is quite impossible not to uncover all of the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes. Not only has Johns Hopkins recently discovered over 7,000 related chemicals that are associated

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Hypnotherapy Case Studies For Fear Of Vomiting And Anorexia Nervosa

  Emetophobia which is also known as the fear of vomiting occurs in people of any age or gender, even though it is more common in women and also, in adolescents. Some of the people who are emetophobic could actually

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Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Enhance Performance At Work and School

There are many books that have come out our recent years to help a person reach their highest self in which they can improve performance both in work and in play. The 4-Hour Workweek with Tim Ferriss in addition to

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis – You Have Everything You Need to Succeed

  Stop Smoking Whats the Best Way?   Some people find it strange that even with all of the information that we have in 2017, many people still choose to smoke, even though they consciously know and understand the negative

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Hypno Imagery Case Studies for Treating Parkinson’s

  Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common neurodegenerative disorder which restricts a person’s mobility and adversely affects his/her health-related quality of life (HRQOL). About one million adults in the United States alone are currently suffering from this disease and the

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Latest Hypnosis Case Studies For Analgesia (2017)

  There have been various descriptions given to define the phenomenon of hypnosis. In the medical sense, medical hypnosis has been referred to hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion performed by a therapist upon a subject, and it is usually characterized by

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Clinical Hypnotherapy – Infertility in Women and Its Treatment

  Traditionally, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is usually used to assist couples that have difficulty becoming pregnant. However, those that choose to go that route are also burdened with high medical costs. In addition, success rates vary between 4% to 40%

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Effects of Smoking on the Respiratory System

  Many people are aware of the common knowledge of the negative effects that smoking has on the respiratory system. What’s really alarming in the fact that destruction to the human body happens to both regular smokers and those that

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