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Stop Smoking and Lose Weight thru Clinical Hypnosis by Connie Trunk

Connie Trunk,LPC,NCC,NBCCH,RM is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Board Certified Counselor and Reiki Master.

She blends Counseling & Clinical Hypnosis together in an individualized session specifically designed for your specific needs. She changes your thoughts,your taste, and reduces your cravings for food and/or cigarettes.

She makes it easy to quit smoking and/or lose weight.

The Clinical Hypnosis session includes Counseling & Hypnosis in 1 session and you feel positive results, after the first session.

She has a 90% success rate.


I have a friend (actually two) that swear by you… I need to stop smoking. Do you have an appointment for me? Signed T

I smoked for over 30 years and I went to Connie Trunk for a Hypnosis session to stop smoking. It was easy and quick. I left her office and have not smoked since. She is amazing. I highly recommend her. Signed Happy and Smoke Free.

I went to Connie Trunk to stop my sweet tooth cravings. Connie Hypnotized me successfully and I have control of my sweet cravings. I would highly recommend Connie Trunk. She is great! Signed Free of sweets, Thanks.

I was Hypnotized by Connie Trunk in St Louis MO and I could not believe how deep she put me in Hypnosis. She is the real thing. You will enjoy your session. Thanks for all your help. I am very satisfied with her work and my results. Thanks Connie, signed H

Servicing St. Louis MO, St. Charles MO, and Illinois Hypnosis clients

“I smoked for over 20 years and wanted to stop, so I went to see Connie Trunk. She is great. I enjoyed the session tremendously. She took me to the beach and when I returned, I was a non smoker. I highly recommend Connie Trunk.”

Thank you, IR
St Louis, MO

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