Board of Supervisors Vote to Regulate E-Cigarettes

Dear Tobacco Prevention Advocates,

Yesterday the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) at all places where smoking is prohibited, require retailers of e-cigarettes to purchase a tobacco retailer license, and change the definition of “multi-unit residence” under the County’s Secondhand Smoke Protections Ordinance from buildings with 4 or more units to buildings with 2 or more units.

Coalition member Mary Jaccodine provided testimony in support of regulation of these nicotine-delivery devices. Teresa Karr, Executive Director of the California Apartment Association Contra Costa, provided testimony regarding the multi-unit housing definition.

Unincorporated Contra Costa County is the first jurisdiction in Contra Costa to adopt community-wide regulations banning the use of e-cigarettes in places where smoking is prohibited. In addition, retailers of e-cigarettes in unincorporated Contra Costa will now be required to purchase a tobacco retailer

The ordinance will become law 30 days after it is approved on the Board’s consent calendar on April 9th.

This link is to a video of the story: