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Weight Issues are Complex

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Eating Issues by Kelley Woods, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Nearly a third of Americans are obese and many more are overweight. Weight problems have become epidemic in modern nations and the costs to health care, job

Why People Say Hypnosis is Their Last Resort for Stopping Smoking

“Why people say hypnosis is their last resort for stopping smoking!” by Kelley Woods, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist The smoker’s journey to health can be a long and bumpy road. Many people start smoking when they are very young, for all

How Can Mindfulness Help Me Stop Smoking?

“How Can Mindfulness Help Me Stop Smoking?” by James Hazlerig, MA, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Mindfulness is a simple meditation technique that many hypnosis practitioners use to help their clients quit smoking for good. See, in mindfulness, you learn to let

Who are these “Experts” that are contemplating the end of smoking?

by Mark Barrus Mike Stobbe of the Associated Press (AP Medical Writer) Wrote a very good article recently, with a very provocative title called Experts increasingly contemplate end of smoking   AP Photo-Dan Grossi.jpg   I just wanted to compliment

Would You Smoke in a Car With Your Children in it?

by Mark Barrus [wdgpo_plusone] Why Does Your State Allow Smoking in the Same Car with Children Inside? I just wanted to talk about the importance of the laws that prohibit adults from endangering innocent children. This includes children all the

Are You Comfortable in Your Own Skin? If the Shoe Fits

by Mark Barrus [wdgpo_plusone] Are you comfortable in your own skin? A lot of people are looking outside themselves for happiness. They see other people that are happy and there is a internal envy that says, “I want what that

Prepare Yourself for Stopping Smoking

“Prepare Yourself for Stopping Smoking” by Kelley Woods, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Sometimes, the war is not won in just one battle. I am here to tell you that these prior attempts have not been in vain, that they have actually

Change is Inevitable. Embrace it Instead of Avoiding it.

*Are You Tired of Doing Something that You Don’t Want to?* Change is a funny thing. We tend to avoid it until we see a desired outcome Watch on YouTube Change is something that we avoid sometimes, and embrace other

Should the Smoking Age Be Raised to 21?

by Mark Barrus Michael Winter of USA TODAY wrote an article Friday about how the states of Utah and Colorado could be raising the smoking age to 21   I was unaware that New York City, and Hawaii County had

Finding the Right Hypnotherapist, Can Hypnosis Help You?

  by Mark Barrus   So what is the most important thing to look for in a hypnotist? Find one that listens more than they “talk”. We are born with 2 ears and 2 eyes that we should hear and