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Is Test Anxiety All In The Mind?

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Understanding and Overcoming Test Anxiety: Strategies for Academic Success Introduction Test anxiety is a significant barrier to academic achievement, impacting students from elementary school through higher education. This article explores the various facets of test anxiety, its effects on performance,

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Getting the Right Pet Can Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Reptile Buddy

by Mark Barrus Animals can be inspiring and relaxing to young people Many children also have stressful lives, and out of the ordinary animals can really get them excited. Exotic animals can really open the minds of people, especially children

Hypnosis Myth Number 7: Hypnosis Feels Weird

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“Hypnosis Myth Number 7: Hypnosis Feels Weird” by James Hazlerig, MA, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner HypnoMyth #7: Hypnosis Feels Weird

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…SLEEP


Where did we get the idea that when our head hits the pillow we should just be able to instantly fall asleep. With this in mind, we seem to always disappoint ourselves when this magic doesn’t just happen.

Stress and Anxiety are Killers

“Stress and Anxiety are Killers” by David Newman   Yeah, I know we have heard that, perhaps on an intellectual level we know and understand it, but we really don’t. Stress is caused by fight syndrome, and once the subconscious

The Top Five Questions about Angels

“The Top Five Questions about Angels” by Nannette DiMascio Q: Do Angels require religious affiliation? A: No. Q: What if I have skeletons in my closet? A: They see you as you really are, at the Soul level. Realize that