Comprehensive EFT Acutapping Course Series

Jack Rhodes photo

On March 12 , 2013 I will begin teaching another comprehensive EFT Acutapping course to a new class of adults students at the Rockwell Campus of the Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


The course will be 6 hours in length with the first 3 hours on Tuesday evening, the 19th and the final three hours on Thursday evening the 14th.


Students will learn how to use EFT Acutapping to eliminate all stress and other negative emotions from their lives.


Students will also learn how to apply EFT Acutapping techniques to control physical pain.


The course number is 110462.

To enroll call 405.717.4900.
Due to bad weather some students were unable to attend the Thursday evening class, held on February 14.

Those students are invited to take this course free of charge as a make-up.

I have a PhD in Behavioral Science Form Chatworth University, College of Natural Health.