I wonder how much is left?

I wonder how much is left?



We all know cigarettes are bad for us. No longer will you see the Marlboro man on his horse, squinting down from billboards. In fact, you are likely to see a whole lot less advertising for cigarettes, as the world turns their back on the tobacco industry. Not that that has made much difference to the tobacco companies themselves. They still enjoy enormous revenues from an addicted population, and with over twenty percent of American adults still said to smoke, that is likely to continue.

For a long time, anti tobacco activists and lobbyists have understood that the only real way to get the message to the cigarette companies was to hit them where it hurt in their bank accounts.

Thanks to a landmark ruling in a civil claim, that is exactly the message that is being sent.
The case in question is that of Marie Evans, who began smoking, according to her taped deposition, at age 13, when cigarette company Lorillard Tobacco Co gave away free cigarettes in the housing project she lived in. Marie was not present in court for the decision, because she died eight years ago, aged 54, from smoking related causes.

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