The California Legislature passed a major legislative deadline on June 1, 2012

Most bills were required to be approved by their house of origin, either in the Assembly or in the Senate depending on which house the bill was
introduced in.

Of the five tobacco-related bills remaining in this legislative cycle, one bill failed to meet the June 1
deadline, one was approved in its committee and hearings were scheduled for others. Overall, four tobacco-related
bills will continue to move through the legislative process.

One bill was approved in the Senate Health Committee:

AB 217: Modifying the Exemption for Smoking in Long-Term Health Care Facilities

Three other bills continue to move in the process and hearings were scheduled for two bills:

AB 1278: Prohibiting Smoking at Hospitals

AB 1301: Increasing Penalties for Selling Tobacco Products to Minors

SB 575: Expanding Smokefree Indoor Workplaces

One bill did not meet the June 1, 2012 house of origin deadline and will not move further:

AB 2026: Film Tax Credit Extension

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