Prop 29, What’s next?

Well, what was the result?

Why did it fail?

What’s next?
From June 2012

Tomorrow is Election Day in California, and that means its our opportunity to support cancer research and strong tobacco prevention and cessation programs for California.

The tobacco industrys deceptive ad campaign against Prop 29 has unfortunately been very effective at swaying public opinion, and Prop 29 only has a very narrow margin of support in recent public opinion polls. It is critical that you, your family members, friends, and colleagues all go out to the polls tomorrow to vote Yes on Prop 29.

Without this $1 tax on tobacco products, Californias smoking rate is predicted to increase in five years, meaning more youth will become addicted to tobacco and more health care costs will be incurred by California taxpayers from tobacco-related diseases.

Lets make sure the tobacco industrys $40 million effort to sabotage public health in California does not succeed!

Remember: Vote Yes on Prop 29 tomorrow, June 5! Remind your friends, family, and coworkers to also take time to hit the polls tomorrow and cast a Yes vote for Prop 29.

The proposed $1 tax increase on tobacco products will put millions of dollars towards research in California to find cures for cancers and other tobacco-attributed diseases, and fund Californias innovative tobacco prevention and cessation programs to prevent kids from starting to smoke and to help those who want to quit.

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