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Weight Issues are Complex

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Eating Issues by Kelley Woods, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Nearly a third of Americans are obese and many more are overweight. Weight problems have become epidemic in modern nations and the costs to health care, job

Dump the Plump

Dump the Plump by Dan Kimm CH             Want to “Dump the Plump”, become “Slim, Fit and Trim” or are you caught in the never ending “Battles of the Bulge’?” Hypnosis is the easy way

The Art of Mindful Eating

“The Art of Mindful Eating” by James Hazlerig   Most people, especially those among us who are overweight, love the taste of food—and yet how often do we bolt down our food, barely tasting it? One effective strategy for weight

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Should’s and Should not’s

When we simply choose a goal and rush headlong into a list of should’s and should not’s, and think that we are going to change our behaviors and values based on the advice of others, most of us are destined

Lap band hypnosis weight loss therapy

  Whether its surgery or simulation, doctors and therapists agree, the band is just a tool. It usually does not work alone without nutrition advice and counseling. In the U.S., band procedures have become more popular than gastric bypass. Using