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Who We Are… and What We Do

Healthy Life Centers has been helping people relieve stress and unwanted habits since 2004.

We have helped hundreds of patients over the years, either in person at the office or through Telehealth, which now includes video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and

You have the choice to choose a service based on its suitability for your needs and your level of comfort.

The success of the program depends on having a good working relationship with the practitioner, so choose carefully going ahead. To discover someone you can connect with, look through the public Hypnotherapy database or the internet.

We have in-office visits here in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach, and we also provide TeleHealth Hypnotherapy sessions.

Step one is to call or text at 888-865-1870 to speak with us now, or speed up the process now with the client questionnaire.

Hypnosis for stress relief, smoking cessation, weight release, and phobias, are specialties, and many “hypnotists” claim to provide these services, but may or may not be qualified to help you get the results you want.


We make sure that you get the best because your mental health is critical to your overall wellness. Google has a very good database of Hypnotherapists, as this method has been gaining popularity for decades.

You may contact our corporate headquarters in California at any time.

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Healthy Life Centers LLC
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Mark Barrus


Congratulations on your decision to take control of your life!!
Let us be your New Year’s Re-Solution, instead of just a resolution.

We are the leader in absolutely safe, all-natural, non-invasive tobacco and weight loss programs

Questions to be answered:

How will hypnosis help?

What do I do with my hands?
How do I keep from gaining weight?
How do I keep from going “Stir Crazy” after stopping smoking?
What do I do with all the free time I have now that I am no longer a smoker?

How We Do It

Hypnosis works by “separating” your habit
from the “triggers” that “remind” you to smoke.

The hypnotist will then simply help you disassociate your habit from your everyday triggers.

These triggers could be any, or all, of the following:
Boredom, stress, after a meal, when you wake up, on a work break, driving in the car, watching TV…. Sound familiar?

If you want the benefit of the outcome, we can help you over the hill.

You’ll be Happy you did.

Did you know that it’s possible that you could live
an “extra month” longer per year by stopping smoking?

That’s because
Each cigarette takes an average of
8-12 minutes off of your life.

You spend a fortune every month on a habit
you don’t want anymore. Why?


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want to stop smoking now?

The only risk with hypnosis is that you enter into it answering a “4” or less.

The benefits always outweigh the risk if you can answer the above question honestly,
as the only way for anyone to stop smoking is if they
desire the benefits of feeling good as a non-smoker.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Congratulations on your decision to take control of your life!!The use of Hypnosis (the Greek word for sleep) as a method to help people stop smoking has become a proven, reliable therapy. For a person to be successful using hypnosis to help stop smoking, one important requirement is necessary:

The person must want to stop smoking for the right reason.

No one forced you to start smoking, just as no one can force you to stop. “You need to go out through the in-door

Even though they sound good, some of the wrong reasons are because the doctor wants you to stop, your spouse or your kids are pressuring you to stop, or because you fear sickness or death.

The only right reason to stop smoking from a hypnosis point of view, is if you can hold a cigarette in your hand, look at it and honestly say to that cigarette, “I don’t like you and I don’t want you in my life anymore.” This, and only this mental attitude allows the hypnosis suggestions to enter your subconscious mind, and change can begin. The other “wrong” reasons can then become excellent support attitudes.

One on One Sessions are Very Different From Group seminars, Because it is Tailored to Help the Individual.

“Too many people will respond to an advertisement about a hypnotist working at a hotel, who will do a smoking cessation group session based on aversion therapy, and then move on to another place.”


This will work for some, but not all of the people who come to the session.

Aversion Therapy May Not Be the Answer

Many different hypnotherapists practice various techniques. For some, aversion therapy works.
However, if the smoker already knows about the bad taste, the bad effects, and is still smoking, the aversion therapy is a bit old-fashioned. 

Another, more powerful technique is to reach out to the subconscious mind and address the part that is the smoking part.


Regress to the first cigarette, and have the client relive it. Have them remember just how terrible that first cigarette was.

However, they continued to smoke in order to demonstrate to their buddies that they shared their coolness in smoking.
It was a necessary transition from childhood to adulthood.
If the hypnotized smoker still hangs around with the folks who gave them their first cigarette, find out.
Ask yourself, “Why are you still attempting to impress them?” if the response is no. There is no explanation other than habit.
They have nobody to prove their adult status to. However, smoking a cigarette is not evidence. By starting from that vantage point, it will be easier for the client to stop smoking and develop a new behavior.

Visit the NGH website. In 1954, the AMA approved hypnosis as an additional or supplemental treatment to conventional medicine.

Additionally, it is not totally true to say that hypnosis should only be performed by a psychiatrist or psychologist.
Given that it is specialized, a licensed hypnotherapist is likely to have much more education.
There is no assurance that a licensed hypnotherapist would offer better remedies than a psychiatrist.

Among hypnotherapists, Milton Erickson was undoubtedly the greatest. He had a distinctive approach to working with clients. The results of traditional hypnotists’ direct orders to a client were not always quantifiably successful. The client’s subconscious mind can reject the recommendations.

One of Erickson’s observations about humans was that they don’t always obey commands. However, if a hypnotic metaphor or example were provided, the subconscious mind may act on it and alter. He realized that a mind may enter a hypnotic state and be open to change if specific linguistic patterns were used. Many of these linguistic patterns may be found online in what is now known as the Milton Model.

Change may happen reasonably quickly and with greater results when a customer can do so simply.

The Zebu cards are a series of cards that are now being reprinted after being out of print. Each card in the deck features an Ericksonian linguistic pattern. Learn the pattern by doing it. Salad cards, made in England, are comparable to Zebu cards. Their construction is comparable. Once the patterns are understood, they may be leveraged to generate rapport and a successful conclusion with customers.

NLP, which uses many of the same techniques as Erickson hypnosis, was created by two of Erickson’s pupils, Bandler and Grinder, who imitated Erickson and his work.



Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical faculty of the conscious mind
and the establishment of selective thinking”.


Critical Faculty: The part of the Conscious Mind that passes judgment.
Selective Thinking: Whatever you believe wholeheartedly.

(U.S. Dept. Education, Human Services Division)



The following are the Standard Industry Classification codes applied for our services: SIC Code: 8093, SIC Code: 8099-08, SIC Code: 809908, Hypnotherapy, SIC Code: 8049-02, 804902 Hypnotists, NAICS Code 621999 All Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services

The individual results are the results experienced by the persons themselves. It is possible that your experience would be different. Usually, that is based on your desire to change your behavior, as we cannot make you do anything against your will or if you are doing this under duress. You need to speak with the specific practitioner with whom you are considering and ask them about their specific protocol. Additionally, this is not any type of substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric help, and we always encourage you to speak with your doctor regarding and type of lifestyle change you are considering.


Check Out How committed to ‘Stop Smoking’ Your State Is:

2 comments on “Who We Are… and What We Do
  1. Cope More says:

    Acknowledging what that cigarette means to the client, recognizing the triggers that get them to reach for a cigarette, the fears the client may have regarding giving up smoking, exploring the stressor's currently in the clients life is of upmost importance for a successful session. The information you gain in the pre hypnosis session can help to individualize the therapist dialog for that specific client.

    • Mark Barrus says:

      Cope More Smoking was, for me, a cure for boredom. I was never bored in the 25 years that I smoked, because I could always "kill" 10 minutes with a cigarette.