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May 1, 2019

Fri, May 25 2012
Dear Sara,

I knew from when we first talked on the phone that you were going to be the one
to finally get me over the hump and get me to quit smoking for good.
I was amazed at how comfortable you made me during our session and I have to say thank you for that.
I am 40 years old as you know and have smoked for over 23 years Marlboro Reds.
I can successfully say I have been without smokes for over 15 days now the longest I ever quit for.
But more importantly I do not miss them and except for the occasional craving I do not even think of them.
You are a miracle worker. I can not thank you and or recommend you enough.
Sincerely, John P.
Yonkers, NY

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Sat, Nov 14 2015

John Cleesattel,
John Cleesattel,
I am amazed at the results from our session. I walked for 30 minutes in the afternoon then had a bowl of my homemade “hot&sour” soup last night which is full of protein and veggies. THAT WAS ALL I ATE. REMARKABLE.

If I had not seen you I would have eaten much more food til I was stuffed.

Additionally, I worked with a co-worker on a project til 7pm, then did laundry and continued working on travel reservations, etc..

I am very impressed. I’m still not certain how this all works, but it gets results. Looking forward to our next meeting.

Luke K, Forth Worth, TX

Thu, Aug 23 2012

I just want to thank you, not only for your website but the follow through.

I sent my name in and the immediate response with hypnotists in my area came through.

I also received the info through the mail.

As I was truly deciding what I was going to do, not 1 but 2 hypnotists contacted me.

I appreciated that. I did go to see Dr. Judith Pearson (retired) on August 6th.

My first session was on Aug 13th and my follow up was on Aug 20th.

And I am now a NON SMOKER!!!! What an awesome feeling.

Thank you again.

Dr. Judith Pearson (retired) was so supporting to me and does such a superior job with hypnosis.

I have told many people about her and have already sent her a friend

of mine for using hypnosis to control her weight.

Linda F, Manassas, Va

The results of these participants are unique to the individual. You could have no results or good results depending on your case and individual situation. All information is of a general nature only and must not be taken as advice, and you should make your own independent inquiries before acting on any information. Testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction. Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for appropriate medical, psychiatric, or psychological evaluation, treatment and care.

Tue, May 08 2012

“Working with Wendy to stop smoking was easy.
I came she explained the process and off we went.
Not only does she use hypnosis but she also give you tools you can use when your not in her office.

I have been totally tobacco free for 2 months now.
I went from 2 packs a day to a pack every three days after the first session.

I whole heartedly recommend Wendy to help with your stop smoking goals.”

Eric S. from Smithville, Missouri

“Hi Janyelle I want to thank you for your help
I am soooo happy to be back at the gym

You are the best

You are truly Wonderful!”
Darren S, Connersville, IN

Thu, Jun 07 2012
Patrick treated me 69 days ago, and I haven’t smoked since.
I was smoking 1-2 packs per day.
He used all of the information I communicated in order to tailor my treatment in the most effected way.
Cordial, friendly and responsive, I would rate Patrick Anderson as an outstanding and very effective hypnotist,
and anybody who tells me they are thinking about quitting will get Patrick’s information from me!

I am free from all of the badness that cigarette smoking entails, because of Patrick Anderson!
Rich M, Sugar Valley, GA

Fri, Apr 22 2011
I had my appointment today with Janice Todd she is wonderful thanks for all the help
Catherine R
Standard, CA

Tue, Apr 13 2010

“What a breath of fresh air! This was a matter of Life and Breath” – Gary J. Orlando Fl

“I went to Dr. Gerald Cimmet and it worked!!!!!”
Eileen R – Roslyn, PA

“I just wanted to email you a quick thank you. This has been literally the easiest experience of my life.
I have absolutely no idea how I was ever a smoker.

Thank you”

Michael J. Denver, Colorado

“Sue Hull was great, and I haven’t had a cigarette since!
Thank you for asking.”
Kathy B, Tucson, AZ

These people, and thousands like them, have been helped to stop smoking at our
professional hypnosis locations.

Thu, Apr 12 2012

“Good Morning. Megan was a big help
Thank You”

Daniel K, Woodside, NY

Thu, May 05 2011

“I waited almost 3 years to post about my progress.
Partly because I wanted to see if I could I could do it
and also the fact that I forgot about smoking completely!
I don’t consume it and it doesn’t consume me… anymore.
I’m proud to say that I haven’t had one since.
I feel like I was never a smoker. No struggle, no temptations….
Just the ability to breath freely:)”
Emilee F, Indianapolis, IN


Thu, Mar 08 2012
“David helped me get over the hump, and I am so grateful to him”

27 years of my life, I spent as a consumer

Thanks again”
-Christine T., Zion IL
Thu, Jan 05 2012

Tue, Feb 14 2012

“So far things have been really good!
I sometimes still have urges and when I do I just take a deep breath
and imagine how bad that cigarette will taste if I were to light it.
I’m really proud of myself and really appreciate your help!”
Rachael P. Denver, Colorado

“I saw Mr. Van Camp on Wednesday, June 9th 2010.

He is a very nice man who made me feel very comfortable.

I’m still trying to figure out how it worked because I haven’t had one puff since!
It’s the craziest thing. Obviously something worked!

I would definitely recommend Mr. Van Camp to others who want to lose weight, too.

Have a great day.

Ronna J. W” Maryland

Just an update. I haven’t had one since November 8, 2010. Today’s date is February 25, 2011,
with no after effects i.e. snacking, nervousness, etc.
I saw Kathy Jacobs in Terre Haute, IN for three sessions, but I stopped with the first session.

I know I am now well on my way to the rest of my life without using tobacco products again. I am thankful for that.
Thank you…God Bless.

Patricia, Terre Haute, IN

“When I went into Dr. Feldman I had told him that I couldn’t remember NOT being a smoker;
He was a big help! I’m glad I was ready.” Annabelle W. New Jersey

Tue, Apr 19 2011

Mrs. Anderson is excellent. She is a very calm person.
She welcomes you with open arms. I have nothing but praise for this lady
Thanks Mark,
Nicole, Ottawa, Ontario

Wed, Feb 16 2011

Thu, Dec 09 2010
“Hello Suzanne,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU ..
It’s been four weeks I have NOT lit up and I’m like WOW thanks to your help I DID IT..
Never thought I could stop after 30 years.
Happy Holidays to you & a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Diana, Lowell, Massachusetts “

“Anyway, thank you Dr Gaffney a million times over.
I will definitely spread the word to everyone I run into that wants to stop.”
Ann P. Sayville, NY New York


Thanks to you and your web site giving me the direction
I needed and putting me in contact with Mark Briggs Center. He has been great.
I first saw him for my consult on April 20th and then on April 23rd for my session.
I have not had one since.
Thank You very much again.
I couldn’t have done it alone.
Tracy C
Binghamton, New York”

“I am still amazed. I mean I think about now and then, but it’s simply not an option and that’s it, I’m done. Thank you, for helping me through this in such a painless manner. You’re the best!”
Jackie P.
Customer Service Rep, Los Angeles

“What a breath of fresh air! This was different than I thought”
– Gary J. Orlando Florida

“I am now a non-smoker. That easy. And I will stay one because I don’t want to light up, I don’t need to and I won’t. No pain, no pills, no gum. Easy..”
Geoffrey W. A former pack a day for 30 years

Hello Mark,
Thank you! It’s been two weeks and I can’t remember feeling better, or being happier! This has been a wonderful gift and I am truly grateful to Dr. Cimmet. I have no cravings, I can smell the honeysuckle blooming everywhere, and my heart rate has improved.
Kathy R, Doylestown, PA Pennsylvania


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3 comments on “Testimonials
  1. lisa porter says:

    my name is lisa porter im 48 yrs old and i use to smoke as a matter of fact i use to enjoy smoking but i have had 4 heart attacks in 2 1/2 years and i had to quit smoking
    I would like to thank janyelle it took just one session with her and my 25yr old addiction to nicotine was over i have tried everything from pills to patches nothing worked its been 2 months and I don’t even want to smoke ever again I cant thank you enough janyelle

  2. Jennifer Scott says:

    “Hi Jennifer,

    I am a non-smoker!! YEAH!!!! I still have the small urges that go away as fast as they come. I am sure the urges will be with me for awhile. I am just amazed at how mild they are and how fast they disappear. I have noticed that I can now go about 2 or 3 hours at a time without a thought of smoking.

    It remains the “Group on the left bank”, Nicki, Traci and smoking. That is the picture I keep in mind and refer to when those little urges hit. I will not give in!!

    Thanks again and take care, Devin”

  3. Jack D. RHodes, PhD says:

    Here is a message I just got from a client of mine. I thought you might like to read it. It’s from Subeth Uray of Oklahoma City, OK

    Dr.Jack Rhodes pulled me out of a deep dark hole after I had lost my Mother. I was having anxiety attacks every morning when I woke. It would take me hours to get my composure. I was faking a smile for everyone. After my 1st session w/ Dr Rhodes, I felt a lift in spirit, and felt myself getting better everyday..
    I need to see him for a tune up occasionally. He helped me where anti-anxiety and anti- depressants’ did not.