separation anxiety at school

Reducing Separation Anxiety With Clinical Hypnotherapy

Separation anxiety refers to excessive fear or anxiety about separation from home or an attachment figure. Children with separation anxiety disorder may cling to their parents excessively, refuse to go to sleep without being near a major attachment figure, be reluctant to attend camp or sleep at friends’ homes, or require someone to be with […]

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sleep hypnosis confidence

Case Studies Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Improve Sleep Problems

An intimate connection between the sleep state and the hypnotic state has been a popular theory. From the multiple studies done on the physical characteristics of waking, hypnosis and sleep states indicate that distinct differences do exist between the three and lend support to the notion that hypnosis is an alternate state of consciousness. The […]

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wound healing after surgery

Clinical Hypnosis To Enhance The Scar & Wound Healing Process

  Clinical Hypnotherapy for Optimal Wound Healing   The human body continues to amaze and astound. Ongoing research has been conducted to test and go beyond the limits of understanding ways in which the body can heal itself. Wound healing happens naturally when the body properly responds to the tissue injury.  The complexity in which […]

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diffuse abdominal pain differential diagnosis

How To Manage Abdominal Pain With Evidence-Based Hyponotherapy

  The condition of lower abdominal pain can actually be caused by various medical reasons. A number of other symptoms aside from lower abdominal pain can appear when there is a UTI. For instance, young children may have loss of appetite and fever; adults may experience hematuria (blood in the urine), and the elderly may […]

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case presentation of bipolar disorder

Getting Past the Stigmas of Bipolar Disorder and Moving Towards Acceptance

  Now that we are in the midst of the holiday season, many people may experience the “holiday blues.” While this is short-lived, there are others that find themselves in a deep Funk that may typically last several weeks or months on end. If someone you know and love tends to have shifts in mood […]

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how to increase stamina in bed naturally

Improving Sexual Health By Using Hypnotherapy

  Depression That Affects Mood Disorders on Sexual Health   Has all of the day-to-day stressful distractions gotten you down? As a result, has there been issues and the romantic department as well? Have you tried increasing exercise, eating, right along with taking vitamins, but still not getting your groove back? The stories that you […]

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stuttering cure exercises

Is It Really Possible To Use Hypnosis To Cure Stuttering?

  Over 70 million people in the world can remember certain instances in their childhood when they had to speak for the first time in front of the classroom. They may also remember where it felt that time stood still. During this time, they may also remember unable to effectively put their words together and […]

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hypnosis for dental phobia

Hypnodontics: Overcoming Negative Emotions From Dental Visits

  There is a popular saying that it takes more muscles in your mouth to frown then it takes to smile. Why, then, are so many people walking around with a permanent scowl on their faces? Are they afraid to smile because they may need significant dental work? A simple and quick visit to the […]

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is anesthesia awareness genetic

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Address Anesthetic Awareness

  No one wants to imagine having to experience surgery in many instances. In addition to this general theory, the same person cannot imagine ever awakening while the surgery is happening. This condition is very rare when a patient may feel that they are awake while they are undergoing surgery. They can remember the event […]

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Epigenetic Reprogramming

Why the New Field of Epigenetics Is Changing the Way We Look at Smoking

Epigenetic Reprogramming and the Smoking Burden In this day and age, it is quite impossible not to uncover all of the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes. Not only has Johns Hopkins recently discovered over 7,000 related chemicals that are associated with having just one cigarette, newfound research also identifies epigenetic upheaval in a person’s body […]

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