managing expectations relationships

Can Hypnotherapy Be Used To Positively Manage Expectations?

  Have you ever watched the news for the weather report to hear whether a day is going to be partly sunny or partly cloudy? Maybe you’ve been in a work situation where you assumed a fellow co-worker was going to do something and they let you down? These circumstances can be attributed to how […]

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what causes ringing in the ears

Can Hypnosis Be Used To Treat Excessive Ringing In The Ears?

Have you ever been in a situation where there seem to be an ongoing noise or buzzing in your ear that was really annoying? You may have asked if people around you could hear the same noise and they could not. Perhaps you blame it on years of playing music at higher levels than you […]

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why stop smoking

Why You Should Quit Smoking – Ways To Quit Smoking Cigarettes 

  Did you know that there are over 30 million grown adults that continue to smoke cigarettes in the United States? Over 16 million adults are currently dealing with a disease that is related to smoking on a daily basis. According to the CDC, over 20% of students of high school age currently used tobacco-related […]

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motivation hypnosis

Can Medical Hypnosis Be Used To Enhance A Person’s Self Esteem?

  There has been ongoing news grabbing headlines related to violent outbursts against others in public areas. Unfortunately, this trend has been on the rise and will continue to dominate the airwaves. One question that is always pondered upon is the person’s mental state and what would make them do such a thing? This article […]

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hypnosis for memory recovery

Can Clinical Hypnotherapy Be Used To Improve Memory And Limit Forgetfulness?

  There used to be a time where the association of memory loss was connected to the elderly population. Quick! Please name at least ten of your friends and families phone numbers without looking at your cell phone. Capital One also has an ongoing commercial right now we’re the captain of the spaceship keeps forgetting […]

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hypnosis to release guilt

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy Strategies To Overcome Guilt And Remorse

  One of the major issues that people deal with today with regards to obsessive-compulsive disorders revolves around feelings of guilt. These issues can be associated when an individual feels and emotion, whether real or unreal, where they feel that there may have been a slight or violation that they cannot overcome. Remorse is also […]

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hypnosis for surgery recovery

Benefits Of Using Medical Hypnosis During Surgical Procedures

  It may be fun to watch exciting medical television shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Chicago Med from time to time. While it can be enjoyable to watch the energy and suspense on the television, it can be an altogether different experience when considering undergoing the surgical knife yourself. This article will explore clinical research […]

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claustrophobia treatment

Treating Claustrophia Diagnosis And Causes

Many people look forward to fun activities such as the upcoming Super Bowl or watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in the middle of New York City. Others like to avoid these type of activities like the plague since they would rather not feel like they are confined to a place without an […]

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what is highway hypnosis and how can it be avoided

Understanding And Combating Highway Hypnosis

  It is not uncommon to look over at the person that is driving next to you and notice that they may be doing other things besides driving. Self-driving cars aside, many drivers are simply distracted by other things while they are driving. They could be playing with their phone, putting on makeup or a […]

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separation anxiety at school

Reducing Separation Anxiety With Clinical Hypnotherapy

Separation anxiety refers to excessive fear or anxiety about separation from home or an attachment figure. Children with separation anxiety disorder may cling to their parents excessively, refuse to go to sleep without being near a major attachment figure, be reluctant to attend camp or sleep at friends’ homes, or require someone to be with […]

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