Alternative vs Traditional

Alternative Methods in Conjunction with Traditional

by Jason Linett

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I read an article recently that I wanted to comment on.

“One of the reasons that hypnosis can be very effective is that the process puts emphasis on moving forward in one’s goal of reclaiming their health and their life. Techniques such as NRTs further reinforce the belief that their body is entirely dependent on the chemicals. The goal of hypnosis is to model the perceptual shift that people achieve when they quit successfully via a ‘cold turkey’ approach. They just make a decision and they’re done with it.”

The article is misleading, mentions that “People shouldn’t think that alternative modalities will help alone; they should be combined with other treatment,” says Amit Sood, MD

According to Dr. Brian Stractner, “A current rising trend is benefiting Doctors private practices, their clients, and the local economies of the nation. Even though medications are usually the preferred method, more and more doctors are referring clients to alternative health care providers as a first approach to healthcare. Doctors who refer clients to professional alternative healthcare providers gain peace of mind that they are not falling into the archaic methods of “cut, burn, and poison.” Furthermore, doctors who refer to local alternative healthcare providers help their local economies grow, instead of constantly funding mega-pharmacological corporations. Doctor’s patients appreciate it when they are treated with personal attention, which in turn brings more clients into the doctor’s office through referrals between satisfied clients, and from alternative healthcare providers who legally need medical referrals for certain treatments. Some doctors worry about sending their patients to alternative healthcare providers due to the lack of evidence in many of the professions. This is why it is important to refer to professional alternative healthcare providers who provide science based approaches to alternative healthcare, as well as affiliation to professional bodies that require adherence to a strict code of ethics and local legal regulations. To reiterate, doctors who refer their clients to alternative healthcare providers gain peace of mind, more clients, and help their local economies.”


Dan Kimm had brought up some good points, “I believe if a physician prescribes medications in conjunction with alternative approaches it may thwart our client’s success.
Think of this scenario, it is like a physician telling a full blown alcoholic, “Let’s drink less” rather than “Let’s stop altogether”
We ask for advice from the person we trust when we need them the most our Physicians…We need them to have US be accountable for OUR Health and well being.
The easy or quickest way out is not always the safest or best method.
I had an opportunity to present my Smoking Cessation Program to the State of Nevada 3 years ago.
The woman who set up my 10 minute presentation for the Tobacco Free Coalition either quit or got fired.
I called over 30 people to let them know I had a scheduled appointment and was greeted with a “Who Cares?” attitude.
This was even after I did the math and discovered my program would save the state OVER $10,000,000.00 after three years.
I did get ONE call back from Las Vegas and they said “Nevada’s Smoking Cessation funding is from an FDA grant that has to use FDA approved methods. Since Hypnosis is NOT a food, nor drug, we can not recommend or authorize it. ”
I asked what was their success rate and her reply was “We have no idea.” Hmmmmm!!!!!!”

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4 comments on “Alternative vs Traditional
  1. Mark Barrus says:

    Jason Linett The medical industry would have us all believe that the body is entirely dependent on the chemicals. Such bias is highly profitable….

  2. It is time we started taking preventative measure to healthcare instead of simply prescribing a pill. In many cases people who feel depressed, get put on medication for the rest of their lives! Depressed one time, and they are medicated for the REST of their lives…., It is time we provide actual care for clients, instead of just feeding them a bunch of poison that may or may not work, through using proven self-improvement methods as a first response, instead of as a last resort.

  3. Mark Barrus says:

    Brian Stracner sometimes I feel that life is a "side-effect". I, like so many others I know, take a handfull of pills every day. Blood pressure, this and that, oh my goodness…..

  4. Maribel W. Hurley says:

    quite interesting, heard it before but still interesting.

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