Nicotine patches and Behavioral modifications

Nicotine patches and Behavioral modifications
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by Suzanne Kellner-Zinck




I read an article recently that I wanted to comment on.

Nicotine patches work about 15% of the time, at best, because one is not addicted to nicotine as one is to, lets say heroin or cocaine. Regardless of the what the medical community would like you to think this is an untruth. Behavioral modifications of course need to be made to become a non-smoker. However, what is not understood is that one will only change the behavior if the reason to do so is more compelling than the reason not to do so, as is true for the millions of pregnant women who have successfully quit smoking during their pregnancies without the need in the majority of cases for any outside intervention what so ever.

The article is misleading, and thankfully it mentions that “This study says nothing about the potential effect of the hypnosis intervention in the absence of a nicotine patch”

I have been practicing hypnosis since 2002 and can tell you with a 90% success rate for my individual smoking cessation clients to date there are only two things that matter for that success. One the client needs to be motivated to stop smoking of their own accord and two that the hypnotist is trusted by the client to get the job done. If either of these two aspects are missing it will not work. That is why when smokers call for sessions I screen them before scheduling a session with them because the last thing I desire is to add another failure for my prospect.

Think about it? If someone is truly motivated to change, do you believe that with the correct reprogramming of the unconscious mind, the part of the mind that runs us, that we would be unable to do so? The testimonials on my website prove that much more dangerous and complex issues of the mind and habit are changeable in a fairly brief period of time versus the upsetting and untrue statements made by the licensed practitioners that they can only “manage” these illnesses. They are forever forcing unnecessary drugs and therapy sessions on the patient that is only looking to have a happy and fulfilling life as we all are desiring. Stop believing the real drug pushers and start believing in the power of your own mind to take care of your own problems be it letting go of a disgusting and potentially deadly smoking habit to the diseases of the mind and body.

by Suzanne Kellner-Zinck, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP and Master Hypnotist

and Master Practitioner of NLP
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