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Alice Stacionis

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Based in Rockford, Illinois

Alice Stacionis
“Hi, Alice,

My first day is almost over and I haven’t smoked. It has actually been easy not to.
I have been wondering all day what you said after you put me to sleep or hypnotized me, Which is it ? I don’t know.
I am grateful that you were recommended to my husband. I hope each day goes by like today.
Thank you,

Smoking Cessation Program

The Program consists of Behavior Counseling, Hypnotherapy, a hypnotic cd for use when temptation comes and essential oils to use as needed.

Combine hypnosis with a true “Desire to Stop” and you’re on the road to success and freeing yourself from the control of the cigarette companies.

It’s not unusual for people to change their lifestyles after they see improvements in their general health & fitness very early on. In fact, your body can improve from the moment you stop smoking.

Medical reports have shown that smokers have a higher level of “endorphins.” These are the body’s natural calming and stimulating chemicals which are triggered by the intake of cigarette smoke. These are the least harmful effects of smoking. It’s the many other toxic, caustic, carcinogens and chemicals smoker takes in that are particularly deadly.

When you stop smoking, the sudden drop in endorphins is the main reason for the craving effect. When this craving occurs the hypnotic cd that I give you will help you past this as well as essential oils that go directly to the part of the brain that registers satisfaction.
Be a Non-Smoker and really “start” enjoying your life!

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  1. We are in times where so many are choosing to adapt life habits to enable them to have the best and healthiest life ever…Hypnosis is a wonderful way to assist you in achieving these goals.

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    I’m a CC member for Illinois can you talk

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