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Anthony F. Mullen, BPS, MS, ND,

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Anthony F. Mullen


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Anthony F. Mullen


I am a Priest Healer using Hypnotism, Homeopathic Remedies, Electro Dermal

Screening, Aroma Therapy, Distant Healing, Prayer and other natural therapies such as

Electro Acu Puncture, Laser Acu Puncture, Low Level Laser Therapy and Electro

Dermal Screening

The goal is to help client’s balance their Mind, Body and Spirit to reach a state of

Homeostasis where our bodies try to heal themselves.

Hypnosis telephone or video calls are offered as well as in office sessions.

My belief is God does all healing-I am his instrument

Most of my clients visit me for reducing pain, losing weight, stopping tobacco use or

stress related issues but some are very specialized based on the client’s need.

Free consultations are available should you have any questions you would like to ask.

All sessions are by appointment with flexible days and hours.

My qualifications include:

51 years – Registered Respiratory Therapist specializing in Tobacco Cessation-The

National Board for Respiratory Care

10 years Consulting Adult and Pediatric Hypnotist-National Guild of Hypnotists

10 years Priest Healer-Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope

10 years Naturopathic Consultant-Clayton College of Natural Health

BPS, MS, ND degrees-The University of New York State, Elmira College and Clayton

I wish all of you perfect health, peace of mind and joy in your heart


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