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Say goodbye to those cigarettes, break the chain of habit and live the life you imagine.

Ashley Taylor successfully facilitates others in returning to a healthy, smoke free existence.

By using a combination of interactive talk therapy, and an individualized hypnosis session, Ashley enables smokers to break through personal barriers, and reach their goals of quitting for good. Regardless of how long an individual has been smoking, how much, or why, Ashley awakens smokers to the power of the subconscious mind by offering powerful, positive, suggestions in a therapeutic relaxed state.

These healthy ideas, beliefs, and affirmations presented to the individual, are accepted as new reality, thus presenting a new truth to the mind: you are and will remain a healthy, non-smoker. Ashley takes each individual’s strengths, motivations, and vulnerabilities into account when structuring a hypnosis script specific to the individual.

She takes into consideration the physical addiction vs. psychological dependence component of smoking, and works with the individual to come up with a real action plan to quit for good. Ashley is eager to help others to help themselves, and she enjoys nothing more than positive feedback from happy clients who have found great success through the hypnotherapy process.

Hypnotherapy is not limited to smoking cessation, but virtually any other issue/concern that may be holding an individual back from realizing their greatest potentials. Ashley operates business from her home office in Easton, PA.

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