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  Beth O’Connor earned her bachelor’s degree in education in 1991 and has been a certified hypnotist since 2005. Shortly after taking her basic training, she realized how important it was to learn advanced hypnosis techniques and she attributes those advanced skills to her success. Beth studied at two of the top hypnosis schools in the country, the Banyan School of Hypnosis in 2005 and from the Omni Hypnosis Center in 2009. She also uses other techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is a gentle tapping on the meridian system and has kept her training current in the field of EFT. Beth-OConnor1 This technique, once taught, is a tool that you will have at your fingertips and can be used on any issue. Her clients often tell her how wonderful and empowering it is to have a technique that you can use anytime and on virtually any issue on your own. Beth firmly believes that the reason we distract (by smoking, overeating, etc…) is because there is a feeling, emotion or belief system with in our subconscious mind that is being resurfaced. Those feelings and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind/body and many of them are given to us in childhood by our family, culture and people we came into contact with. The problem with this is it was often perceived from a childlike mind. As an adult, this information is not relative. Example “Have a cigarette, you’ll feel better” or “Finish all the food on your plate, there are people starving in the world”. The mind is set up to reach for any belief that can make us feel better. Change these beliefs and feelings and watch how quickly the “distractor” is not needed (smoking and overeating) This work will not only help you to identify the feelings and emotions of what is holding you back, but more importantly the ability to re-assign it from an adult perspective. Beth compares it to “anti-virus software” for the mind. This combination of hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques is powerful and through this process, you’ll move forward in empowering ways. @Email Beth’s Location  

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