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5001 Maywood Drive

Nashville, Tennessee 37211 


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Bo Sebastian is the top-notch clinical hypnotist in Nashville.

His private practice has been there for 21 years.

He is a Life Coach, Smoking Cessation specialist, and also is certified for Weight Release.

For Smoke Cessation, Sebastian uses an Ericksonian technique also using Neurolinguistic Programing, which includes receiving an mp3 or a CD with each session. Within three session, Sebastian has had a 95% success rate at helping people quit cigarette smoking completely.

He has also been on The Learning Channel exhibiting his hypnosis techniques.

Fours years ago, he headed the World Meeting of National Guild of Hypnosis in New England.

Mr. Sebastian has written four books.

You may recognize Sebastian from teaching cooking on Nashville’s Channel 5’s Talk of the Town or in Nashville Lifestyles for his recent display of his beautiful home.


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  1. Bo Sebastian says:

    If you want to get the best Master Hypnotherapist for smoke cessation, you should choose someone with the clinical training and experience of Bo Sebastian. 22 years of experience and a 95% success rate is all you need to know. Come join the many who have given up the old ball and chain and gladly accepted a new and healthy way of living.

  2. Mark Barrus says:

    Best choice in Nashville.

  3. Mark Barrus says:

    Bo Sebastian tell our readers more about the 4 books you've written, and what they are about., etc.,

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