Daniel Lester

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Daniel E. Lester – Healthy Life Centers certified ✔
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Richmond, Virginia, VA 23236

Daniel E. Lester has been practicing hypnosis for 35 years, and is one of the best Hypnotherapists by far, with a 98% success rate with smokers

In 1996 became a medical Hypnotherapist at the Southwestern School of Hypnotherapy Institute of medical hypnosis 12-96

His favorite is Pain control, smoking and weight is easy for him.

In 1998 he became certified as a painless childbirth specialist through the Omni Hypnosis with Gerald Kein

Also in 1998 he certified as a medical Hypnotherapist for cancer.

In 2005 certified to work with IBS specialist through the AICH, and in 2004 was certified as a hypertension specialist with the AICH.

1985 certified marriage family and life adjustment counseling

1988 Docorate of Ministry in Christian Consulting International Bible institute and seminary.

1995 Certified Master Hypnotherapist AICH

1993 registered hypnotherapy with the American Guild

Board cert NGH Hypnotherapist

1995 board cert National Board of Hypnotherapy

Honest and upfront , one session stop smoking 98% success rate in one session

High success rate treating patients for alcohol and drugs abuse.

Nancy is helpful and accommodating with new patients. She sends out the literature and welcome letter, and is the office business manager in charge of all pre hypnosis paper work.

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