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Daphne Stevens, Ph.D., LCSW, is a psychotherapist who has practiced in the central
Georgia area for thirty years. She is known for her approach to Jungian based
archetypal therapy and dream-work, and is also well- trained in family systems,
cognitive behavioral therapy and mind/body therapy. Her unique practice also
encompasses such cutting edge approaches as Energy Psychology and EMDR.

Daphne’s work as a hypnotherapist began in 1980 when she discovered its
effectiveness as a means of promoting wellness and relieving stress, anxiety, and
chronic pain. Treatment for smoking cessation was a natural step the role of
hypnosis in developing a healthy lifestyle.

“Hypnosis isn’t magic. It uses the bodymind’s natural drive toward greater health,
stamina, and ability to enjoy life. As Baby Boomers age, we appreciate the fruits of
healthy eating, exercise, and freedom from toxic substances. The nicotine and tar in
cigarettes are among the most toxic substances in the world.”

Providing hypnosis and other approaches to smoking cessation are particularly
satisfying to Daphne. “The patient usually discovers an innate capacity for
well-being that ripples out to all areas of life. It’s a myth that smoking cessation
is difficult or even impossible. Embedded in our psyches are a multiplicity
of pathways toward empowerment, and hypnosis is a way of accessing those
strengths. Becoming a non-smoker isn’t only a wise health choice. It’s a major
milestone in experiencing personal power.”
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