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Dr. John Ward
Quit smoking easily and effortlessly with Hypnosis in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

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You heard right! You can quit smoking easily and effortlessly with hypnosis from Fidelity Hypnosis, as a matter of fact you can quit in as little as one hour!

Of the top 15 methods of quitting smoking, hypnosis has the highest success rate, according to the largest study of its kind ever conducted, involving 71,806 smokers, featured in the Journal of Applied Psychology published by the APA.

NO WEIGHT GAIN: Because there are usually no withdrawal symptoms, people usually don’t gain weight when they quit smoking in our hypnosis program unless they need to gain weight. The main reason people gain weight when they quit smoking, cold turkey, is because they are grappling with urges to smoke and they take their frustration out on food. But when you quit through hypnosis, if you don’t have any urges to smoke anymore, you won’t have any frustration to express through overeating. And to make doubly sure that you don’t gain weight, we will include personal life coaching so that you surely succeed. At Fidelity Hypnosis you’re never alone with any problems or habits you have.

NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS: Hypnosis can effect physiological phenomena as well as psychological phenomena, so you most likely will not have any withdrawal symptoms.
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