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Duncan Tooley is a mind-mastery and health/wellness coach. He transforms lives by teaching individuals to adjust their sub-conscious mind, home to their attitudes, beliefs, food preferences and habits.
Duncan has been a teacher/coach all his life, first in the sciences, then in Information Technology, and now in mind-mastery techniques that affect every aspect of the body and emotions.
The transformative event for Duncan was his discovery in 2006 that he could end a 3-year disabling medical condition by instructing his cells to get better. When Duncan realized that many suffer needlessly because they are unaware of this natural power of the mind, he became a Mind-Trainer and moved to Los Angeles from Louisiana.
Duncan’s specialty is helping those with persistent habits and conditions related to their body, such as smoking, persistent excess weight, chronic pain, and long-term illnesses. He teaches them to successfully access the power of their mind to achieve the results they desire.
Duncan invented the Mental Gastric Band® method of simulating a surgical band through the power of the mind to get surgical-band weight loss results. He has trained over 50 licensed practitioners worldwide in his Weight Wellness program.

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