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I want to note that there is a tremendous amount of misconception about the process required to stop smoking.

There are people who believe you need to replace the nicotine from a cigarette in your body to overcome the habit. They ask/tell you to dump a boatload more nicotine into your body from an alternative source. Then they tell you to watch out for side effects like nausea, irritability, edginess and heart palpitations.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Do not be fooled by this approach it does not work, period!

The mind and many people have been trying to convince you that nicotine is super addictive, well I am here to tell you that it is not addictive.

It is the habit of smoking that is addictive!

It is the mind that screams for the cigarettes, not any physical need for nicotine. Heroin is a physically addictive substance, the body could potentially die from withdrawls in certain circumstances, that is why the government set up “legal” heroin clinics that give out methodone.

You will not die from stopping smoking cigarettes. You will only die if you keep smoking them. Your mind might tell you otherwise, but it is not true.

In a very ironic way, nicotine replacement therapies have a similar success rate as to stopping cold turkey. This success rate is between 6% -10 %. How interesting and ironic!

The American Medical Association has stated that Hypnotherapy is the most effective method to help individuals stop smoking.

A typical uncustomized and unspecialized hypnotherapy session has a 35% -40% success rate. Acupuncture comes in second, at around a 30% sucess rate.

Now here is the good news for you!

Our customized specialized session has a success rate of over 92%. That’s Right!

We perfected an incredible smoking cessation session that takes both the age old secrets of hypnosis and coupled them with the latest advancements in neuro-linguistic programming. We put them together in just the right way and tested, tested and tested.

We ultimately broke the barrier to provide you with a smoking cessation session that provides a phenomenal success rate.

In turn we are now so confidant of the outcome of your session we guarantee the results with a 100% lifetime guarantee!

You see , the plain truth is, our session works and it works very well and we stand behind it 100%.

Not only do you get the results you want, you achieve them without the typical side effects that most people associate with the process to quit smoking.

You will not gain weight ,you will not feel discomfort, you will walk away refreshed ,rejuvenated and a non smoker, period!

We are in the life saving business, we love what we do and we love helping our clients overcome the challenges they may face!
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