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Gisella L. Zukausky, CHt 888-865-1870 Office address: 6723 S. Anthony Blvd. #E202 Fort Wayne, IN 46816

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Or Text us Text Us Text Us and we’ll reply with this providers details and availability   I have been in private practice for 26 years and have taught Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy Internationally for 20 years through my institute, Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis, in Fort Wayne, Indiana which is Approved For Applicant Status By the State of Indiana #AC-0136. Most Hypnotherapists give only Post-Hypnotic Suggestions to stop smoking. The success rate is better than the patches, Nicorete gum or other methods but it still has only a 15% success rate giving only Post-Suggestions. I do it differently. I have much experience with Clinical and Medical Hypnosis with Regression Therapy. This means that I get to the source of what causes the individual to smoke and then we resolve those feelings and emotions that trigger the problem so that there no longer is a need to smoke. I have had 100% success if the client is serious about quiting. It takes about three (3) sessions for most people. The first one is about one and a half hours. The next are about one hour each. For best and fastest results they should be no more than 3 days apart. I can do the sessions over the phone for clients that live out of town and can not come to my office during the week. Saturday appointments can be done. For people who live out of town that prefer to come to my office, I can do the first two in the same day with a break between them. That saves a trip. The third can be done a week later if necessary or over the phone. After the first session people are down to smoking at least half of what they used to. When we are all done the thought never crosses their mind that it sounds good to have a cigarette. The results are not only permanent this way but you also don’t switch to another habit so you never gain weight either. There is a discount if you mention “Healthy Life Centers” and also if a husband and wife both have sessions to quit smoking. @(Email us for in-office)

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  1. Shannon J Shaw says:

    My husband was diagnosed with severe copd n has to have lung transplant but has to be smoke free for atleast a year. How much do u guarantee these 3 sessions to be succeful. Also could you tell me how much it cost bc we are on a fixed income. Thank You

  2. Sur Brown says:

    What I’d your fee

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