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Why I founded my healing hypnotherapy practice in 1999 to help people change their behaviors and thinking processes in areas that were no longer working for them

As a curious teenager, I always wanted to know what made
people tick.
What has people think the way they do? Why do people do the
things they do? These types of questions occupied her mind because people and
their behaviors completely fascinated me and I yearned to know more. This
passion for understanding people’s nature and motivations has guided me in my
career choices as a dental hygienist for over 34 years to getting certified as a
Jackie founded Healing Hypnotherapy, in 1999 to help people change their
behaviors and thinking processes in areas that were no longer working for them.
I liken myself to a Sherpa.
I guide you along the terrain of your conscious and subconscious mind so you can get to where you want to go!
I makes it easy, with my very attentive ear, my skills and my passion for being your partner
on this journey. All you simply must do is be wanting and open for the changes.
With the right guidance and your powerful mind, you can achieve what it is you
want and release whatever is holding you back from feeling your best, happiest and
healthiest self.
As a Stress Relief Specialist
, my guidance and your powerful mind, will get
to the root of your smoking issues, weight issues, generalized stress issues, or
whatever area of behavior you wish to change. Distressing thoughts, as well as
the way we think and feel, are at the root of all those habitual patterns we want to

Stressful thoughts not only affect how you feel, but how your body’s biochemistry
reacts. When you’re feeling stressed, your body sends out stress hormones
that support you in fighting or fleeing. Whenever your mind thinks you are in
danger or you’re being threatened, it sends a message to the brain to send out the
hormones that will help protect you from the threat. These stress hormones cause
your heart to accelerate, your breathing to become rapid and your extremities to
receive all the blood to get you prepared for the danger.

Sept 2012

Problem is, in our contemporary culture, we’re usually not having those types of
threats or dangers. Instead we’re worrying, creating what-if scenarios in our
heads and being fearful from the enormous amount of fear based information we
constantly receive in our instantaneous society. Unfortunately, our subconscious
mind does not understand the difference between all those worried anxious
thoughts and an actual live event.

As a result, when we’re having those worried, negative feeling thoughts, we’re
getting all those stress hormones released into our system. Since these thoughts
are usually chronic, our bodies are then in a chronic stress state.

In this stressed state, our bodies are not functioning optimally and our attitude and
mood is less than par. We feel irritated, impatient, and finding solutions is more

Smokers most often use cigarettes to get away from those stressful thoughts,
even if they’re unconscious to what those thoughts are. The body has learned to
memorize those negative thoughts and it memorizes the “habit” of smoking as
well. It seems like smoking relieves the stress, when in fact, it only adds to the
whole biochemical reactive mix!

By focusing in on our brilliant powerful minds, we can stop the insanity of those
stressful, worrisome, fearful and negative thoughts that keep looping around.
Instead, we can create healthier thoughts which allow our bodies to get back to
functioning optimally and we become more adept at problem solving. We can
actually choose how we think and behave, instead of knee jerk reacting or being
slave driven by a tobacco stick.

This is the power of inner focusing or hypnosis. Hypnosis allows you to harness
your own inner brilliance. Hypnotherapy provides the “training” to get your mind
where YOU want it to go for your intended goals and desires.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. It’s an allowance and you are always in control.
I’m a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 1,000 hours of

education in hypnotherapy, will guide you like a Sherpa guides someone up the
mountain. She knows how to get you there. You simply have to put your feet on
the path, she supports you on your journey.

Smoking, feeling enslaved to cigarettes, but enjoying it less and less, yet can’t
seem to stop? Stressed about your weight? Feeling financially stressed? Afraid of
the dentist? Stressed out in general?

If any of these, or similar, hit home, hang in there! There is a way to change
all these worries, fears, doubts and behaviors: You can change your mind with


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