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7703 North Lamar Blvd

Suite 250

Austin, TX 78752


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James Hazlerig, owner of Harmony Hypnosis, Austin’s Quit Smoking Headquarters, holds a Master’s Degree as well as several hypnosis certifications that represent over a thousand hours of hypnosis training.

Hazlerig’s style centers around storytelling, metaphor, and pleasant, soothing imagery.He is an expert at customizing your hypnosis session to your specific needs, rather than supposing that a one-size-fits-all approach is going to help you make lasting change. His smoking cessation program includes two tailor-made sessions to help you easily become a non-smoker for life, along with a bonus tune-up session you can use as a safety net for the next year. He understands that smoking is a complex habit, so he provides a number of tools for stress management, weight control, craving control, and relapse prevention—including a stop smoking CD at no extra cost.

No one has a magic wand to make you quit smoking now, but if you commit to following James Hazlerig’s directions and using the tools he provides, you’ll find that you can stop smoking easily. You’ll wish you’d done it years ago.
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