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8250 Bash St Suite 26
Indianapolis, Indiana, IN 46250


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119 S Anderson St
Elwood, Indiana, IN 46036

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My name is Janyelle Huff, and I help those ready to succeed in all areas of their lives, letting go of habits, addictions, and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck.

Using my natural intuitive abilities, I will offer you instant techniques within instant results in all or any area of your life.

Janyelle Huff

I will teach and guide you in your life for the utmost success of you, by allowing you to take back control in your life and create the new Unique you, you desire to be now! My natural ability to read your energies allows you to experience the healing in your mind, body, and soul you desire in your life and set you on your path to happiness and success you desire for your life.

Janyelle Huff

I will work with you to stop smoking, overeating, addiction release and much much more…
by means of hypnosis, NLP

Janyelle Huff

and using my natural healing abilities.

For more information connect with Janyelle Huff today 888-865-1870. Help and all the ways you are able to connect with me.

You can heal from right where you are now!

Janyelle Huff


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