Joann Dunsing, Certified Hypnotist

Joann Dunsing, Certified Hypnotist

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Joann Dunsing – Healthy Life Centers certified ✔ Office address: in ChiroCare of Milford, 606 New Haven Ave Milford CT 06461 

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Use our Call it Quits line 24 hours a day. Press option 1, 2, or 3, to be connected to this office. 888-865-1870 “Call and ask”, for specific details and availability

Or Select Milford via Text MessageText Us Text Us and we’ll reply with Joann’s details and availability     My parents taught me the pleasure of people watching as a child which has caused me to be a lifetime student of human behavior. It’s only natural for me to help my clients get the changes they want by assisting them through hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom techniques aka tapping, and strategic intervention coaching skills. Joann Dunsing, Certified Hypnotist   Some of my clients have come to me to stop smoking, lose weight, lower their anxiety and stress levels, change self-defeating self-talk into powerful positive inner dialogue, bust through public speaking whether it be from a podium, presenting at a meeting or approaching someone socially.   Women with the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” come to me for my services as a Certified Fertility By Hypnosis® Consultant. Yes, I have gotten a number of women pregnant! Thank you again!, Joann   @Email Joann Dunsing’s Location

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