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I have been using modalities that promote healing and since 1969

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. I have learned from a lot of great healers,. It has been my passion. I began to see clients in 1976 and I soon realized that clients are the best teachers by far. Because my practice is client-centered, I take time to prepare to meet each client’s individual needs. I have many experiences (thousands) and methods to draw on so I can work out with each client what is most likely to be helpful in reaching the stated goal.

My goal is always to encourage clients to own their own healing and to show them how to help themselves, which saves time, money, and prolonged carrying of the issues at hand.

Other relevant bits:
I grew up in Washington DC surrounded by politicians, journalists, lawyers, and other uptight people in that dark place. So I developed a keen sense for seeing how emotional repression harms the owner and brings harm however far their environment reaches.
On the formal side:
I have a Bachelor’s from Dartmouth College and a JD from George Washington University Law School.
I’m certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy by the OHA and by the NGH
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