Judith Grosz

Judith Grosz, BCD, LCSW

Judith Grosz ☎ Toll-Free 888-865-1870 for a free consultation here at this office  

Judith Grosz Office address: 605 East 82nd St 4A New York, NY 10028

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Use our Call it Quits line 24 hours a day. Press option 1, 2, or 3, to be connected to this office. 888-865-1870 “Call and ask”, for specific details and availability

Or ☎ Select East 82nd St via Text Message Text Us Text Us and we’ll reply with their details and availability   Judith Grosz Areas of Specialization: Using hypnotherapy, I have and do treat the following disorders: performance enhancement PTSD and trauma relationship issues couples counseling depression and anxiety anxiety and stress reduction weight management fear of flying smoking cessation sleep disorders writer’s block procrastination medical issues which include: pain management, preparation for and recovering from surgery.
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