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Katie Romano Griffin

Katie Romano Griffin


Katie Romano Griffin is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Practical Nurse, Minister and published author.

Integrating years of study in subconscious behavioral theory and medicine with decades of spiritual study, Katie is changing lives through hypnosis, coaching and dream building.

She has been speaking about Mind, Body and Spirit Integration with Universal Laws to medical, business, academic and spiritual groups since 1998.

Her greatest passion is in helping others harness the power of their subconscious minds to activate their abundance.

Her first non-fiction book, “expect examine recap reveal” (forthcoming in 2012) introduces America to a spiritual approach to weight release.

I read my first book on biofeedback when I was twelve and I’ve been hooked on understanding the human mind ever since. Admittedly, my degree in nursing was a means to an end for me—it was a way to bridge the gap between what I believed could create true long term wellness and the acute care excellence of modern medicine.

To test the my beliefs on the power of the mind I enlisted the help of my business partner, Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Timothy Mather, and began a hypnosis program for childbirth. Both of my children were delivered with only the use of hypnosis. My attending nurse, a nurse I had known for years even before I did my clinical at her hospital was in absolute awe with how calm I was throughout the labor and delivery process. With my experiment a complete success I was thoroughly hooked on practicing mind-body medicine.

I am so grateful to continue in this work with an ever-increasing tool set thanks to my passion for continuing education through the American Hypnosis Association. A client once said to me that she thinks I’m changing the world through hypnotherapy, life coaching and dream building. I was so grateful for her statement, I made it my tag line and endeavor to live up to it every day.

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