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Kelley Woods

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Kelley T. Woods – Healthy Life Centers certified ✅
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I am a woman who has a great life.

Part of what makes it so great is my work as a hypnotherapist.

Being a mom is rather awesome, too.

Oh, and I like to kick butt at karate.

I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a new office in Anacortes.

I love to help people move past challenges like unwanted habits, anxiety or panic, excess weight, etc.
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One comment on “Kelley Woods
  1. Leonard Cooper says:

    Ms. Woods
    I am sending a message because we do not have phone service where we live. My wife Lianne is suffering with dementia, and we have been down the routes of both allopathic and alternative treatments. Of all the symptoms such as memory loss and confusion, her feeling of incontinence is making her the most miserable. Her brain seems disconnected from her body in the sense that she feels that she is having incontinence leaking, although this is demonstratively false. Lianne spends every minute in misery and despair because of this cruelest of all symptoms.

    We are wondering if hypnotherapy may be of any help in this matter. these methods seem to work.

    L. Cooper

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