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Lee Pelletier, BCH, CI, CPBA, CPVA, CTMA
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I am passionate about getting people off of cigarettes.
Helping you achieve at the level of your dreams!
Board Certified Hypnotist, Specializing in Pain Management, Sports Hypnosis & HypnoCoaching

Hi. I am Lee Pelletier. My life’s work is to help people to live at the level of their dreams. One of the dreams of many people is to build their health by stopping smoking forever. For others there is the desire to get rid of unwanted pounds. Still others have different dreams and goals. Often the only block to your real success lies within your subconscious mind. I can help you unleash the power of your mind to achieve at the level of your dreams. Let’s work together.
I come at the issue of smoking with special passion. I have lost 5 immediate family members to cigarettes. Their ages were 52, 67, 56, 57 & 69. If you move away from mother & father, brothers and a sister then the numbers become even more frightening. Cigarettes are stealing your very breath of life and I want to help you win over tobacco, once and forever.
Have a better than terrific day!
Positively yours,
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