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Lino Lakes MN 55014

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About Lori Bestler, Certified: Hypnotherapist, NLP, Relaxation Management Specialist, Motivation Coach

Lori Bestler has over 2 decades in the individual growth industry She has pushed many individuals to become more self reliant and behavior for living a life of greater health, happiness, and success.

With her Coaching program that includes hypnosis, NLP, and sound therapy, the word getting out about Lori’s unique work specializing in “busy minds”.

Areas of success include reducing stress, anxiety, lack of focus and follow through, procrastination, and behavior change as in weight loss and smoking cessation. As a result,

Lori is becoming more recognized than ever in her field.

And now Lori runs her very own radio show “Edge; Empowering You, Radio”, every third Thursday at 6:00 CST.
Lori offers No Cost Phone Consultations.

If you’re looking for lasting change, contact Lori today to see how her program can help you realize your goal.
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