Maria-Pilar Gonzalez

Maria-Pilar Gonzalez

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  Maria-Pilar Gonzalez became a Certified Master Hypnosis Practitioner in 1999 through the International Association of Counselors & Therapists. Maria-Pilar Gonzalez She quickly understood how powerful hypnosis could be for each person to overcome their own struggles and fear. Within a year so began practicing her new devotion full time. Several years later she became certified as a Stress Management Consultant, and then included REIKI & Magnified Healing to her field of knowledge. In 2010 she also was ordained as a Reverend. Always searching to improve her skills to help her clients, Mrs. Gonzalez trained as a Life Coach this last year with the Certified Coaches Federation. Maria-Pilar Gonzalez Maria-Pilar has appeared on local and national radio and television talk shows, and lectures at National Conventions. Mrs. Gonzalez holds regular seminars and lectures in Miami at her own Institute as well as at other locations. She lectures regularly as a volunteer at a Public  Library serving her community and volunteers her services as a Stress Mgt. Consultant to the Crisis Intervention Operators at the Switchboard of Miami. She is a member of good standing with I.A.C.T., Biltmore’s Who Is Who, and the Hypnosis Education Association. She also continues to research and study the field of hypnosis, philosophy, and metaphysics. Maria-Pilar Gonzalez Mrs. Gonzalez is dedicated to her profession and her vision is to be a guide and to empower those who seek help to make positive changes and improve their lives. With hypnosis, each person has the potential to find self-awareness, empowering each to reach any goal, happiness, and prosperity. Maria-Pilar Gonzalez Mrs. Gonzalez is of Spanish descent, born and raised in Germany. She has made Miami her home for over 30 years and is a dedicated wife and a proud mother of two grown children. Thanks again, Peace and Light, Email Maria-Pilar’s Location

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