Nicol Merline MA, CHt.

Nicol Merline

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Nicol Merline MA, CHt. – Healthy Life Centers certified ✅ Office address: 8585 P G A Dr., Suite 102 Walled Lake, Michigan, MI 48390 

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  Biography: Nicol Merline MA, CHt. After 10 years in downtown Milford, Nicol relocated to larger quarters in Walled Lake in 2009. Formerly, a biology and math teacher for many years – I began conducting special courses in the Livonia Public Schools on the principles of mind dynamics in the 70’s. Helping students resolve negative attitudes, anxieties, low motivation, memory issues, and mental blocks was the objective. As a result of these courses, significant beneficial results were observed. My keen interest in the field of hypnotherapy increased due to the popularity of these mind courses and the positive effects observed in the students.   Nicol Merline MA, CHt.  in the news   I am a graduate of Wayne State &Eastern Michigan University. I am also a board-certified advanced hypnotherapist with a masters degree in educational leadership. My certifications and specialties were earned through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association include: •mental training coaching to athletes •virtual gastric band hypnotherapy •advanced hypnotherapy •complementary medical hypnotherapy •stress management consulting I have been a guest on radio shows including “Crossroads in Health Network,” and featured in a variety of local newspapers. Numerous physicians, support groups, organizations, clubs and corporations have looked to MTU Hypnosis for sessions and seminars. Presentations have been given to hospitals, such as the University of Michigan Hospital, DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital and North Oakland Hospital. Nicol completed a 2011 study using the leading edge hypnotic technique known as “VGB” hypnotherapy. VGB hypnotherapy is virtual gastric band surgery without the knife — using hypnosis instead. The results closely parallel and/or exceed other studies done globally. In 2011, Healthy Life Centers inducted MTU Hypnosis into their Hall of Fame based on the predominance of clients who quit smoking with MTU Hypnosis. Medical and dental professionals refer clients on a regular basis to MTU Hypnosis for help in facilitating health and recovery for a variety of issues. For assistance in optimizing athletic performance, both professional and amateur athletes look to Nicol as well. As a professional hypnotherapist and mental training coach – it is a great pleasure for me to assist individuals in overcoming their most pressing difficulties through the efficient use of their own powerful minds. @Email Nicol’s Location

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