Pat Bullard CH

107 N Spring St
Searcy, AR 72143


Update. 107 N Spring St, Searcy, AR 72143 office has closed.

Patricia Bullard – Master Hypnotist


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I have moved to Searcy, Arkansas and now have an office established at 107 N Spring St.


Practicing for over 14 years. Have developed relationships with clients from all walks of life. Work a lot with students wanting to increase their ACT and SAT scores and sports enhancements. After seeing the changes in their children, parents and teachers then call me to make appointments for smoking, weight loss and other things.
My Clients have become my life-long friends as when they experience the success in their first session with me; they return later to work on other things that have evolved in their lives; ie test anxiety for professional tests, self confidence for job interviews, salesman confidence to increase sales.

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  1. Stacey Talley says:

    Can you unlock memories from my past that I have blocked out?

  2. Stacey Talley says:

    Can you help with my pain?

  3. James shelton says:

    Are these visits in person? I need to quit smoking .

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