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104 Colony Park Drive

Cumming, GA 30040

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Hypnotic Wellness Center provides self improvement coaching through Hypnosis.

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We are located on the northern outskirts of Metro Atlanta, brushing the edges of Northern Georgia. A large majority of our clientele is to quit smoking with the assistance of Hypnosis.

We offer a unique program dynamic for our Clients, in that Clients do not have ‘the meter running’ allowing them a more relaxed but focused session motivating their personal goals within our program.
We also offer Wellness Programs, which are a great supplement for our Clients to stay strong and focused long after they successfully complete a program with us.
As already stated a majority of our clientele are for stop smoking, and we have spent many hours building a successful stop smoking program, most notable client who has went through our stop smoking program was a 52 year smoker who has put them down successfully and feels better than they have in years! Other areas where hypnosis can assist greatly and areas of great interest to Hypnotic Wellness Center is working with Veterans who are experiencing P.T.S.D., and Clients who experience Fibromyalgia. Access Self Improvement!

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Use Promo Code, “Breathe Easy” when you call

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