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Dear Friend, by Rhoda Kopy, BS, CH, ACH


I’m so grateful that you’ve made me such an important part of your life. I’m so woven into your life that you just can’t imagine your life without me – and that’s good. Wherever you are, there I am . . . at home, away from home, in the car, at work, inside / outside, routine days, special days. I’m your constant companion, always there for you. Oh, how I’ve convinced you that you need me!


I relish the role I play in your life. I love that I can make you do what I want, and that you feel you have no control. It’s like you’re my hostage, my slave, and how I love lording it over you! I’ve gotten you to fork over so much money to my creators. How many thousands have you been spending on me each year? How much in your lifetime? Thank you! You’ve helped my creators produce more and more of me!


I want to be the first thing you wake up to each morning and the last thing you touch before bedtime. I would rather kill you, but I’ll be happy enough to put you on oxygen, force you to go into the hospital, and limit your life in oh, so many ways!


I love to sense all the physical and emotional damage I’m causing you. It’s amazing how much destruction I can create in every cell of your body  – every organ, including your brain . . .  destroying you, bit by bit – while you stay in denial – busy convincing yourself – “Oh, just this one won’t hurt.” Ha! You are such a fool, and I LOVE IT!


I deeply appreciate how much you sacrifice for me: All the time I’ve robbed from you, as you greedily puff away on me, instead of doing other things . . . all the dignity and self-respect I’ve taken from you. I’ve even turned you into a liar . . . “Oh, I’ve quit smoking.” “I’m cutting back.”  You’re so funny.


So, you’ve allowed me to ruin your health, steal your money, rob your dignity, restrict your life – and shorten it. I can’t express in words the gratitude I have for your loyalty to me. You sacrificed so many things in your life just to devote yourself to me. But don’t despair – you can always count on me to be with you. You can depend on me to keep taking more and more from you until there’s nothing left. Honestly, I won’t be satisfied until you are dead, my friend.


And, imagine your beautiful headstone . . . “Here lies ______________ (envision your name here) who cared more about cigarettes than anyone or anything else.


Lucky for me and my creators that you are such a wonderfully ignorant friend – so clueless about your own power.


Gratefully yours,


Your Favorite Toxic Stick

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