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Samir Shamoun
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I am an active member of American International Association AIA

I practice and adhere to the High standards of ethics of the AIA and the IHF.

I provide confidential and ethical service.

I work at my Hypnotherapy Practice at the Wellness Center in Chatsworth

“My experience has been an incredible one. I feel like Samir has brought me back to life. All of my coworkers have noticed that I seem happier and more full of life. Since my first session with Samir I haven’t wanted to smoke, drink alcohol or take any pills. I’ve honestly felt more confident and sure of myself. I feel like Samir has saved my life.” Michele S.

“The entire experiance was in a safe and comfortable enviorment and preformed by a dedicated and caring professional who made me feel at ease”. Fiona T.

“My experience with hypnosis has nothing to do with mumbo-jumbo trickery, weirdness etc…- my experience of hypnosis is that it is a tool used to achieve a very deep state of relaxation so that positive suggestions can be given in order to change a person’s life for the better. Hypnosis cannot make you do anything that you do not or would not do otherwise”. Carrie D.

“My family and friends are thankful to you for the therapy”. Victoria L.

“I was a skeptic, only Two hypnosis sessions and I have no desire to smoke!!!. I even gave away my expensive cigars, Thanks”. Bill B.

“I’m writing to update you on my progress since our hypnotherapy session. I’m very happy to say I’m an ex-smoker. I have tried various smoking cessation methods over the years but nothing has been successful…until now. My sense of smell and taste have returned and I feel great. Thank you for helping me get my life back”. Bryon J.

“I’m very happy to say I’m an ex-smoker, thank you”. David G.

“Boy stop smoking without pain!! This is the only way to quit!! It’s now 10 days that I am a non smoker and I will be a non smoker for the rest of my life without any withdrawals or cravings…and everyone is asking how I did it…. HYPNOSIS. Thank you Samir”. Raymond R.

“I have tried various stop smoking methods over the years but nothing has been successful…until now”. Alicia G.

“After 30 years of smoking I couldn’t believe just one session and I’m smoke free”. Michele S.

“I no longer feel evil”. Michael M.

“My sense of smell and taste have returned and I feel great”. Edward S.

“I was a closet smoker, thank you for helping me get my life back”. Mary G.

“I’m an RN, used to smoke in secret, two sessions with hypnosis and Samir and no more shame or guilt, and good bye cancer sticks. I have my FREEDOM back, I highly recommend this hypnosis program to everyone who wants to stop smoking”. M. C.

“Stop smoking without the risk of medication!! This is the only way to quit!!” Simon S.

“Had I known it is that easy I would have had Hypnosis long time ago”. Kerry N.

“It’s now 96 days that I am a non smoker and counting…and I am telling everyone how did I do it…”. Anna C.Commerce. Call today for your confidential, free phone consultation so that we may begin the process of helping you to achieve the life you really want.
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