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Susan Gayle, MS, CH, RMT, a hypnotherapist since 2001, a Mental Health Counselor, and a Lecturer at City University of New York for 28 years, is also the author and recording artist of 14 Hypnosis CDs, all designed to motivate and empower you to make positive improvements.


Gayle has been written up in The New York Times, quoted in the University of Connecticut Health Newsletter, Woman’s Day, Women’s World, among others, has been a regular guest on national radio and was host of her own radio show, “Happy Hour” on Voice of America.


“Susan helps people take back their lives and release the habits that no longer serve them.”


“I am your partner for positive change, and my goal is to help you take control of your life! I use safe, effective hypnosis techniques and cognitive behavioral counseling which focus on solutions to quickly help you change behaviors, stop smoking, lose weight, take control over your drinking or substance use, reduce stress and develop new, positive behaviors and self-confidence.


I want to help you break bad habits and begin the healthier lifestyle you deserve, so I do all I can to put you on the right track. Through safe, effective hypnosis sessions, you’ll stop smoking, lose weight, control your drinking or drug use and reduce stress, while improving your overall sense of well being. I even offer hypnosis audio CDs to use, giving you all you need to improve your mind and body!”


The time to take charge of your life is now.


“I found the sessions completely inspirational and cathartic. There is a genuine warmth and secure feeling Susan brings to the sessions. One definitely feels safe to talk to her. My expectations were far exceeded.”
 K. Lewis,
Account Executive



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