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When I was 25 years old, I suffered from panic attacks. After years of living with this problem, I took a self hypnosis class and within two months overcame those attacks. I wonder now how many sleepless nights I spent and how much anxiety I went through that could have been avoided.I have not had a panic attack since and my life has improved immeasurably. After discovering the range of issues that hypnosis could address,

I became a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists

and eventually a nationally recognized hypnosis instructor.I created Sleep Compounding a method that greatly improves the effectiveness of hypnosis. This technique was demonstrated at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention where I am a faculty member.Ultimately I do not succeed unless my clients do. My first concern is their welfare.Most of my business comes from word of mouth, so treating clients is an essential element of my business. I love what I do and plan to continue helping people as long as I can.I have two offices. I have a home office on 25 acres. I love the open space. For people who like a less rural setting, I have a small office at another site to meet their needs.

If you wonder if hypnosis can aid you in overcoming any obstacle in life, call me to set up a no obligation consultation. There is little I enjoy more than talking about hypnosis and dispelling misconceptions about how the mind works. 

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7 comments on “Tim Horn
  1. Bill Hicks said that Life is a choice between Fear and Love. Don't live your life in fear. Don't be afraid of change in your life. Embrace that you are gaining greater control of your life as you quit smoking, end stress, improve study skills or gain control of your weight.

  2. Mark Barrus says:

    Tim’s a real pro….

  3. Bob says:

    thanks tim

  4. Jerry says:

    Glad to find someone in Nokesville

  5. Resistance to change is very natural to people. When a person begins to smoke it is normally because they wish to be part of a group or to rebel. While it is difficult to start smoking eventually smokers begin to form a habit. From there the smokers creates triggers connecting them to the cigarettes.
    To end the smoking you must remind the subconscious mind that its greatest desire is to protect from harm and then to eliminate the triggers that have tied into the client. Hypnosis allows for those messages to sent and received.
    When you become a nonsmoker, cravings, desires and discomfort can be minimized using hypnosis. Expect the process to be easy and it will be.

  6. Mark Barrus says:

    Smoking was the real "Gateway" to a completely different life, even back in the 1970's. You hung out in the alley with the wrong crowd. One day I was an athlete, the next day I wasn't….

  7. When you determine you are going to take control of your life, you have only taken the first step to becoming a new person. You must take your thoughts and turn them into action. When people come to me and they ask me what I can guarantee them, I ask them if they can guarantee their own actions. There is no out in life, you live and when the time comes you are gone. While you are here, take control and know what you are doing at your core. That is where hypnosis comes in. At the deepest level of your subconscious mind, you must know you have changed.
    There is an old Buddhist saying, "to know and not to do… is not to truly know." When you are ready to do, I will be there for you all the way.

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