Victor Razee

731 S Hwy 101
Mercado del Sol Shopping Center
Solana Beach, CA 92075
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The Razee Empowerment Center is an empowerment practice providing both coaching/hypnotherapy services and workshops/seminars.

Founded in 2009 by Victor Razee, C.Ht, the Razee Empowerment Center empowers individuals to reach their full potential and beyond.

By successfully breaking through clients mental, emotional and physical limitations, the Razee Empowerment Center continues to create powerful manifestations of higher success in Business/Careers, Relationships, Health, Personal Growth and Spirituality for those who truly seek it.

Results Coaching & Hypnotherapy sessions for Business/Career (More money, in less time), Health (Weight loss, Stop Smoking, Pains), Relationships (Dating, Family, Couples), Personal Growth (Motivation, Confidence, Performance) and Spirituality (Mediation, Self-Hypnosis, Higher-Self).
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