Can Hypnosis Help You Find Stuff You’ve Lost?

Can Hypnosis Help You Find Stuff You’ve Lost?

“Can Hypnosis Help You Find Stuff You’ve Lost?”

by James Hazlerig

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Sherryl was getting desperate. A year before, she’d put her husband’s will, along with his

power of attorney and other important documents in a safe place—and then forgotten
where that was. A funeral and two moves later, she still hadn’t found the documents.

Her friend recommended a hypnosis practitioner. Sherryl had never done hypnosis, but
she decided to give it a try.

“It was very relaxing,” Sherryl said afterward, “but I wasn’t sure it worked. The hypnotist
said I would find the papers within three days, but he didn’t say how.”

“I left it up to her unconscious mind,” commented her hypnotist. “She could have a
hunch, a dream, a sudden memory or idea—or she could just stumble on them, apparently
by chance.”

The other way is to use hypnosis to imagine going back to the day the client last saw
the items. Sherryl’s hypnosis practitioner didn’t want to do that because it would mean
revisiting an unhappy time, when Sherryl’s husband was dying.

The results: Three days later, Sherryl suddenly got an urge to check a box she was quite
certain she’d checked before—and there were all the documents.

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