Why do we call it “I Want to Quit Smoking”?

Because nobody ever stopped smoking because they “needed to stop smoking”

Desire for the positive change is critical for the success
of any lifestyle change, especially smoking cessation.

Safe, all natural, without prescriptions or side effects

If you would like information about the alternative to the Gastric Lap Band,
try the “Virtual” Band from Healthy Life Centers, let us know.

The individual results are the results experienced by the persons themselves. It is possible that your experience would be different. Usually that is based on your desire to change your behavior, as we cannot make you do anything against your will or if you are doing this under duress. You need to speak with the specific practitioner with whom your are considering, and ask them about their specific protocol. Additionally, this is not any type of substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric help, and we always encourage you to speak with your doctor regarding and type of life style change you are considering.

One on One Sessions are Very Different From Group seminars, Because it is Tailored to Help the Individual.

Congratulations on your decision to take control of your life!!
Let us be your New Years Re-Solution, instead of just a resolution.

We are the leader in absolutely safe, all natural, non-invasive tobacco and weight loss programs

Give a Gift to Yourself, for Yourself, or for a Loved One. In a professional setting, the practitioner will personalize specific suggestions according to your particular preferences and motivations. In a group setting, the practitioner would need to generalize hypnotic suggestions. If he/she does not, then a participant may be misled or be given a suggestion meant for someone else, which is why
one on one is much more effective than a group setting.

“Ask an Expert” questions and answers:

“I am feeling a bit skeptical as to how hypnosis with work after 30+ years of me smoking, I’m not sure that I want to quit smoking”.


It takes as long to quit smoking and to get over it as it takes to extinguish your last cigarette, which is seconds, not hours, days or months.

I believe your skepticism is based more on your lack of confidence in yourself to be able to quit, and not related to how long or how many sessions are needed. How would you have any basis for assessing that?

Your fear may be reasonable based on your prior attempts to quit that have failed, but it is not a reflection on the effectiveness of a program that you have never engaged. What works is your full commitment to be free of nicotine in any form forever. When you have that, call me for your appointment, but not before. Your commitment must match the level of mine. Then you will experience the same benefits of being free as have millions that have gone to freedom before you.

I hope this helps.
Hypnosis Makes it Easy
Response to Answered Question:
“Thank you for your insightful reply. I met with my therapist a week early in order to discuss this with him. You are absolutely right, I was just having some anxiety at the time of sceptical thoughts coming in. I am ready, I will call you tomorrow and if you feel our committment levels now match hopefully we can set up the appointment. I have already started changing my eating habits and thought processes around how exciting it will be to finally be free, I am looking forward to it. Thank you for your time.”

Email us and Ask An Expert

“I can’t believe how easy it was– simply painless. Thank You!”
Cicily S.
Trenton, New JerseyEmail Website to a Loved One. 

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What is Hypnosis? How does it work? Can you be successful?

The individual appointment is important because I use a specifically designed formula to help you make sure that this is what you what to do. It is psychologically sound and has worked with everyone that I have helped to Stop Smoking. The CD is for reinforcement and should be used as directed. Repeated reinforcement is cumulative and brings great results.

I have worked with and taught thousands of persons like you over the last 30 years and those that followed what I suggested were successful they Stopped Smoking, you can too!.

It takes desire [which you have] belief in your mental ability to follow suggestion and expectancy that you will Stop Smoking. Hypnosis is a consent situation, you are always in control. Ten percent of the effort is the hypnotist’s, and ninety percent is yours; “want it to happen and let it happen”.

I can help you through the power of your mind to reach your desired goal.

Thank you for deciding to be a Non-Smoker one-day-at-a-time for the rest of your life


Sincerely yours,
Dr Anna
Anna H. Spencer, PhD

Watch the New Video from George Wissing, Certified Hypnotist


Step #1, get the locations:

Having Trouble Becoming a Non-Smoker Again ? 
Hypnosis Can Change Your Mind!
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Healthy Life Centers is the world’s largest organization
of independently owned and operated hypnosis locations.

We give our referrals the contact information for a pre-qualified hypnosist in their area.
“I had smoked 1 pack a day since I was a teenager.
Hypnosis helped me over the hump, for sure”
Terry B.


Healthy Life Centers’ Web Site Provides a Referral Service that Helps Smokers Kick the Habit. News Release June 2007


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Smoking is the cause of many deaths and illnesses. Over 342,000 deaths per year are attributed to lung disease alone. More than 35 million Americans are living with chronic lung disease.

Second-hand smoke exposure causes approximately 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 46,000 heart disease more deaths in non-smoking adults each year, not to mention the increased incidence of asthma and respiratory disease in children exposed to second-hand smoke in the home.



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are you a statistic?

The following are the Standard Industry Classification codes applied for our services: SIC Code: 8093, SIC Code: 8099-08, SIC Code: 809908, Hypnotherapy, SIC Code: 8049-02, 804902 Hypnotists, NAICS Code 621999 All Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services

Step #1, get the locations:

Get a Referral Slip for private hypnosis nearby
Having Trouble Becoming a Non-Smoker Again ?
Hypnosis Can Change Your Mind!
Get Your Pre-Qualified Location Here

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