Do You Want to Break the Habit of Smoking?

Do You Want to Break the Habit of Smoking?

“Do You Want to Break the Habit of Smoking?”

By Jackie Foskett, Certified Hypnotherapist & Hypno-Coach
Stress Relief Specialist
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The American Cancer Society’s The Great American Smoke-Out Day is a great time to break the habit of smoking!

We would like you to think of it as not just a one-day event, yesterday Thursday, November 21st, but to capitalize on the spirit of the event and either stop for one day or pick a quit day sometime in the future.

The American Cancer Society started this one-day event in San Francisco at Union Square on November 16th, 1977 to encourage smokers to stop smoking, even if for only one day. It evolved from a series of smaller events starting in 1970 in Massachusetts and by 1976, the California Division of the American Cancer Society successfully encouraged an impressive 1 million smokers to quit for that day. This led to the national “Great American Smoke Out” which has been promoted yearly since that day in San Francisco.

The American Cancer Society hopes that if 43.8 million smokers stop for even one day, they will be encouraged to continue being a non-smoker.

Whether or not you as a smoker stops on this day or not, you can still use the message behind this campaign to work for you now.

Smoking is a habit. It’s ingrained into the autopilot mind and associated with thoughts and actions that no longer are part of the consciousness.

This habit has been born out of some initial reason-whether to be one of the “cool” crowd, an act of rebellion or simply to try something different….with enough repetition, it has found its way into the smokers’ unconsciousness where habits live.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to use to break apart the old ways of thinking, behaving and feeling that have been unconscious.
You then get to replace those with conscious healthy behaviors, thinking, and feelings that serve the same purpose or perhaps an even better one, as the old unhealthy habits once served.

When in hypnosis, your conscious mind takes a back seat, while your subconscious mind comes into the front row. When the goal of the conscious mind is to be smoke-free, you can then allow the suggestions to be “programmed” into the subconscious that lines up with the goal of the conscious mind.

It really is simple. Tap into the brilliance of your powerful “inner mind” and you can achieve the results you desire.

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Certified Hypnotherapist & Hypno-Coach Stress Relief Specialist/ I founded my healing hypnotherapy practice in 1999 to help people change their behaviors and thinking processes in areas that were no longer working for them